Mobile Whiteboard | Office Whiteboard

Whiteboards are a staple in meeting room environments. As you no doubt know, when leading a meeting it’s much easier to explain using visuals – and the mobile whiteboard is the best way to do that. There are 3 main reasons why this mobile whiteboard is a great addition to your meting room. Firstly, as […]

Portable TV Stand on Wheels

An essential item for modern offices these days is a portable TV stand on wheels. With people working from home more and joining meetings via the likes of Zoom and Microsoft teams, having a screen that can easily be transported from room to room is a must. One of the great features about this stand […]

Explorer – Multipurpose Chair

Explorer is an elegant and stackable multipurpose chair, suitable for interior and exterior spaces. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the modern moulded shell is available in three subtle colours or a polypropylene/glass fibre blend, with five inspiring colour options. The UV protection material supports outdoor use, offering a durable, comfortable and light option for outdoor […]

Ritz – All-Purpose Wooden Stool

If you are looking for an all-purpose wooden stool that is available in varying heights, then the Ritz stool could be the solution you are looking for. The exceptionally light but sturdy stool is suitable for so many different environments and has a slightly curved seat for extra comfort. The low, medium or high all-purpose […]

Infinity – All Purpose Office Chair

An all purpose office chair? To Infinity…and beyond! You know how a pair of shoes can completely change the look of an outfit? The same goes for the infinity chair! The infinity chair is a flexible and functional office chair that can be used in many different environments as it has 6 different base options including 4-star, base […]

Oases – Stylish Segregated Office Desks

If you thought working in a cubicle style office set up had to be drab and depressing – then you need to see the stylish Oases segregated office desks range! Creating a modern hub of privacy within a busy office environment is not always easy, but the Oases makes it perfectly achievable and allows office […]

Format – Height Adjustable Boardroom Table

The new Format height adjustable boardroom table is a fantastic addition to the new way of working. With health & wellbeing benefits in mind, the Format allows people to sit or stand around the table – making long meetings less tiresome and enables the attendees to focus more. The table used an electronic touchpad to […]

Teo – Single Curved Tub Chair

Teo is a stylish tub chair which offers generous proportions. The armrest and back follow one single curve to give users a luxurious figure-embracing support. Available with a plastic shell in four colour variations with an upholstered seat or as a fully upholstered unit – the Teo is a fantastic addition to your reception or […]

Host – Soundproof Private Office Pod

Host are private soundproof pods which embrace the rapidly changing landscape of the workplace. Creating a distraction free space, the Host Soundproof private office pod is ideal for focused tasks and virtual meetings, with a choice of a one person pod or a 4 person pod. They combine sleek, stylish exterior lines with perfectly painted […]

Hektor – Minimalist Office Soft Seating

Hektor is a beautiful Scandinavian inspired minimalist office soft seating range which offers an armchair or two seater sofa. Designed with nature in mind with the gorgeous beech wood frame, the Hektor gives generous proportions and a fully upholstered luxury finish

Desktop Clear Acrylic Protection Reception Screen

The desktop hygiene protection full height screen provides a safe barrier between your visitors and your receptionist, giving both peace of mind Bespoke sizes (height or width) available – please speak to the sales team for further information

Desktop Clear Acrylic Protection Topper Screen

The desktop hygiene protection topper screen provides a desk width, additional height protection which is secured to exisitng screens, providing a cost effective, enviromentally friendly solution to replacing exisitng screens Bespoke sizes (height or width) available – please speak to the sales team for further information