Hush – Acoustic Office Phone Pod

Ever need to take a private phone call without the entire office hearing your conversation? Introducing the Hush Acoustic Office Phone Pod, where the source of sound – the conversation – is shut within Hush Phone, improving everyone’s working environment. Hush Acoustic Office Phone occupies only 1 square meter – the small dimensions and weight […]

Hush – Acoustic Mobile Work Pod

The Hush acoustic mobile meeting pod is a unique and brilliant way for people to work individually and how they choose. Whether you prefer complete silence for full concentration, or prefer to listen to music as you work – the option is there for both. Available in 40 interior colours, the Hush acoustic mobile pod […]

Hush – Acoustic Mobile Meeting Pod

The Hush acoustic mobile meeting pod is a brilliant new alternative to the office meeting space office environment. Perfect for smaller offices that do not have separate meeting rooms, the Hush acoustic mobile meeting pod is the perfect place to host small meetings in the comfort of this enclosed space which can be moved around […]

Stand Up – Easily Adjustable Sit-stand Desk

Stand up is a unique and fantastic adjustable sit-stand desk which allow you to place your desk in a sitting or standing position in one swift movement. This desk uses a ratchet device to pull up or push down the desk with ease and gives you easy access to cable management. The Stand Up desk works […]