Italian Office Storage

Choose from our selection of Italian office storage, cupboards, pedestals and wall storage.

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  • Arch – Standalone Storage Unit

  • Italian Pedestals

    C-Box – Fun and Funky Italian Pedestal

  • Italian Modular Storage

    Dolchi – Italian Modular Office Storage

  • Modern Italian Storage

    Glide – Modern Italian Storage Solutions

  • Meta Italian Storage Cupboards

    Meta – Stylish Italian Storage Units

  • Functional Pedestal

    Mia Ped – Functional Pedestal in Various Combinations

  • Italian Storage Wall

    Pioneer – Italian Office Storage Wall with Optional LCD Screen

  • Cupboards and Cabinets

    Primo – Cupboards and Cabinets

  • Vertical File Cupboard

    Primo – Filing Unit

  • Cupboards and Cabinets

    Primo – Italian Cupboards and Cabinets

  • Modular Open Bookcase

    Primo – Italian Design Modular Open Bookcase

  • Office Locker

    Primo – Italian Office Locker with Handy Letter Slot

  • Vertical File Cupboard

    Primo – Large Vertical Filing Unit

  • Italian Design Filing Unit

    Primo – Lockable Italian Design Office Filing Unit

  • Modular Open Bookcase

    Primo – Modular Open Bookcase

  • Italian Design Lockers

    Primo – Stylish Italian Design Office Lockers

  • Italian Design Executive Cupboards

    Rail – Italian Design Executive Cupboards

  • Executive Storage Wall

    Tiberia – Italian Executive Storage Wall

  • Italian Storage Cupboard

    Xeta – Italian Storage Cupboard and Credenza Range

Showing all 19 results