Task Office Seating

Beautifully designed office task chairs in a variety of colours and styles. As we spend a large amount of time sitting down at work, office chairs are very important, and it is vital that you have the right kind of support from your seat. These task office chairs offer comfort, safety and support.

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  • Mesh Back Operator Chair

    Aero – Mesh Back Operator Chair

    Prices from £289

  • Mesh back swivel task chair

    Carbon – Mesh back Swivel Task Chair

  • Curved Operator Chair

    Cova – Curved Operator Chair

  • Ergonomic Task Chair

    Ergo Comfort Air – Ergonomic Task Chair

  • Office Task Chair

    Flow – Stylish Office Task Seating

  • Red Operator Task Chair

    Kado – Leather or Fabric Operator Chair

  • Green Office Task Chair

    Klass – Office Task Chair

    Prices from £287

  • Mesh Task Chair Front

    Lotto – Mesh Back Task Chair

  • Marlo – Colourful Mesh Back Task Chair

  • Mesh Office Chair

    Porto – Classic Mesh Office Chair

    From £190

  • White Mesh Office Chair

    Que – Coloured Mesh Back Chair

  • Mesh Back Operator Chair

    Rally – Mesh Back Operator Chair

    From £195

  • Ergonomic Operator Chair

    React – Ergonomic Task Chair

    Prices from £145

  • Red Fabric Office Chair

    Sidz – Mesh Operator Task chair

  • Blue Task Chair

    Strike – Operator Task Chair

    Prices from £92

  • Mesh Office Task Chair

    Stylo – Mesh Operator Task Chair

  • Office Task Chair

    Tech – Operator Task Chair

  • Sleek Mesh Operator Chair

    Tempo – Sleek Mesh Operator Chair

  • Visitor Chair

    Tock – Office Task Seating

    Prices from £166

  • Yellow Task Chair

    Urbane – Task Operator Chair

    Prices from £167

Showing all 20 results