Syuna – Padded Executive Chair

Product shot of the Syuna Padded executive chair with high back and head rest. Shown in a cream leather finish with chrome armrests and chrome base.

Syuna: The Padded Executive Chair Designed for Comfort and Style Elevate your executive space with the Syuna, a luxuriously padded executive chair designed in Italy. This exceptional chair combines unmatched comfort and sophisticated style to create a statement piece that perfectly complements your leadership position.   Unparalleled Comfort for Demanding Workdays Crafted with detailed Italian […]

Eleva Office Storage Cupboard

Product shot with a black background, the Eleva office storage cupboards are shown in a combination of cupboards and drawers which is a long freestanding unit in a dark grey oak veneer finish

Effortless Elegance with Eleva Office Storage Cupboards Imagine your workspace transformed. No more cluttered desks, overflowing shelves, or lost files. The Eleva office storage cupboards offer the perfect blend of sophisticated design and practical functionality, elevating your organisation and creating a serene haven of productivity. Crafted with seven stunning oak veneer finishes, these cupboards effortlessly […]

Height Adjustable Executive Desk – Eleva

Dark image with a black background of the Eleva height adjustable executive desk set to the standing position with a high back pale brown chair placed in front of it. The Eleva desk shown is dark wood with a light brown leather inlay.

Experience Heightened Elegance with Eleva Elevate your work experience with the Eleva, a height adjustable executive desk that seamlessly blends modern design and functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Italy, Eleva offers a workspace that’s both stylish and practical. Each element bears the mark of exquisite Italian design, from the sleek profile to […]

Eleva – Height Adjustable Meeting Table

The Eleva height adjustable meeting table shown in natural oak with shadow grey framework. There is a black lamp positioned on the table.

Elevate Collaboration with the Eleva Height Adjustable Meeting Table Imagine brainstorming sessions where ideas flow effortlessly, fuelled by dynamic movement and engaged participants. The Eleva height adjustable meeting table transforms your collaboration space, creating an active and productive environment for team interaction. With its sleek Italian design and innovative functionality, Eleva elevates meetings beyond the […]

Eleva – Executive Boardroom Table

Square image of the Eleva executive boardroom table shown in a dark wood finish with orange storage cupboards in the background and 3 orange chairs placed in front, behind and on one side of the table.

Command Presence and Inspire Collaboration with the Eleva Executive Boardroom Table Envision leading your team in a space that exudes power and sophistication. The Eleva executive boardroom table, crafted with impeccable Italian design, transforms your boardroom into a command center for strategic discussions and decisive action. This masterpiece isn’t just a table; it’s a statement […]

Zeta Compact Reception Desk

Zeta compact reception is a simple but beautifully Italian designed modular reception desk perfect for small areas without compromising on impact. The main carcass of the desk is available in Wenge, Canaletto Walnut, White MFC or Concrete and there is an option to add a MFC or lacquered upper module which is available in a […]

Mobile Whiteboard | Office Whiteboard

Whiteboards are a staple in meeting room environments. As you no doubt know, when leading a meeting it’s much easier to explain using visuals – and the mobile whiteboard is the best way to do that. There are 3 main reasons why this mobile whiteboard is a great addition to your meting room. Firstly, as […]

Portable TV Stand on Wheels

An essential item for modern offices these days is a portable TV stand on wheels. With people working from home more and joining meetings via the likes of Zoom and Microsoft teams, having a screen that can easily be transported from room to room is a must. One of the great features about this stand […]

Olite – Mesh Conference Room Chairs

Let’s face it, conferences can be long! It should therefore be a top priority to ensure the seating in your conference room is comfortable. As it happens, the Olite mesh conference room chairs are both comfortable AND stylish. Designed in Italy (and we know how stylish those Italians are!) this range of chairs come with […]

Nova E – Contemporary Executive Desk

One of our favourite things about the Nova E contemporary executive desk is the fact it there are so many different finishes available. With 10 melamine finishes and 4 veneer finishes and 6 perspex finishes, the Nova E desk has the capability of looking completely different depending on your surroundings and chosen finish. One thing […]

Meta – Stylish Office Sideboard

Meta office sideboard in a white finish with copper handles and frame. This layout consists of 5 cupboard doors

Introducing the Meta Office Sideboard: Chic Storage Meets Modern Design Ever craved a storage solution that seamlessly blends elegant form with exceptional functionality? Look no further than the Meta office sideboard, the newest member of the ultra-stylish Meta range. This beautifully crafted piece takes office organisation to a whole new level, offering a harmonious blend […]

Buddy – Small & Functional Power Table

Buddy Up’ with the perfect table for your working style. This small & functional power table is amazing for three reasons. Firstly, it’s small table top is perfect for casual working from the comfort of a sofa. Secondly, you can get built-in power or data options into the frame (goodbye long dangly cables!). Last but […]