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Reception Furniture

Your reception is likely to be the first thing that your clients see, so it needs to be a space that shows off your sophistication and welcomes everyone in. Creating an area that is comfortable for clients to sit in is a great way to introduce them to your office. Your reception area also needs to work for your reception staff too, though, so you should ensure that the desk is a suitable workspace and not just for show.

Imagine this: visitors walk through your door and are immediately greeted by a stylish and professional space that perfectly reflects your company’s unique character. This is the power of well-chosen reception desks and seating! The right combination sets the tone for your entire office, making a lasting first impression and subtly communicating your brand identity.

At ADDOffice, we take pride in offering a personalised service that ensures every detail of your reception area is perfect. We understand that your reception furniture is a key element of your brand identity, which is why many of our pieces are customisable. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics, colours, and materials to create a look that’s uniquely yours. And to make the selection process as smooth as possible, we assign a single point of contact who will guide you from the first design phase all the way through to a perfect fit for your space. Let us help you craft a reception area that speaks volumes about your brand with stunning reception desks and seating!

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A traditional dark wood curved reception desk with silver metal panelling and high back cream reception desk chair.

Choosing The Perfect Reception Desk

The reception desk isn’t just a piece of furniture; it is where your clients will be greeted by the first point of contact at your company. There are a variety of different styles to choose from and picking the right desk is essential for giving a good first impression.

Glass is a popular surface material for reception desks as it is light and easy to clean. For a more traditional look, you might prefer to focus your attention on wood finishes but if you are willing to go for something more modern, we can offer desks with a colourful acrylic finish that looks fantastic.

Modern Reception Desks

Bring some modern style to your reception area with a Italian reception desk. What you choose depends on the type of area you have and how you wish to fill it. There are a variety of different desks available from luxurious round modular reception desks that can be customised to your particular tastes to straightforward desks suitable for a smaller budget. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee that your space will be positively transformed.

A Modern white reception desk with grey upper panels which are lit up underneath.

Reception Counters

A reception counter is a great way to give a good professional first impression. It will make your space look tidier and give your receptionist a great desk to work at in peace. Reception counters are ideal for large reception areas, especially if you are catering for a large company or building. You can go for sleek, wave designs or keep things simple with something more functional. Modular reception counters are a good idea if you have an unusual space to fill or would like something designed especially for your company that you can guarantee no-one else has.

Discover The Possibilities

Find the right office furniture that aligns with your brand and stays within budget. Give us a call to discuss your office furniture requirements and find the perfect balance between style & productivity.

Reception Seating

Want to ditch the sterile vibe and create a welcoming atmosphere in your reception area? Our reception soft seating collection offers the perfect solution. Choose from a stunning array of fabrics, colours, and configurations – from plush single armchairs to versatile modular sofas – to design a seating arrangement that reflects your brand’s warmth and personality. These inviting pieces will ensure a comfortable wait for visitors, leaving a fantastic first impression that lingers long after they leave.

Waiting Room Chairs

From modern corporate offices to healthcare facilities, we offer the perfect waiting room chairs to suit your needs. Our extensive selection ranges from practical and budget-friendly plastic chairs to comfortable and luxurious upholstered armchairs. Whether you prioritise clean lines and functionality or a touch of elegance and comfort, you’ll find the ideal seating solution to create a welcoming environment for your visitors.

Coffee Tables

Spruce up your corporate office or healthcare waiting area with our stylish and versatile coffee table range! We offer a variety of shapes to suit your space, including classic squares and rectangles for a structured look, or contemporary circular tables to create a more inviting flow. Crafted from high-quality materials like wood, plastic, and glass, our coffee tables provide both durability and a touch of elegance. Find the perfect complement to your reception or waiting area furniture and elevate your space with a functional and aesthetically pleasing centrepiece.

Receptionist Chairs

You will also need a comfortable chair for your receptionist to sit on. We offer a range of ergonomic chairs that can be colour-matched to the rest of your reception area. Ergonomic chairs are perfect for office workers who spend a lot of time at their desks as they can be adjusted to ensure the correct posture, relieving tension and complying with Health and Safety seating at work directives.


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What you choose to put in your reception area is entirely up to you and we are here to offer you a free consultation to help narrow down your choices and create a space unique to your business. In general, we would advise that you require a reception desk and a small seating area for your clients to wait in.

All of our products are individually made to order as we do not hold any stock. You can expect to wait around two or three weeks to receive your order, although some of our higher-end ranges may take between four and six weeks. Faster delivery options are also available.