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Tania Dangerfield - the Sales Director at ADDOffice

Meet Tania, Our Sales Director 

At the heart of ADDOffice stands our dedicated Sales Director, Tania. With a remarkable journey spanning across various industries, Tania’s passion for exceptional office furniture and commitment to client satisfaction have been the driving force behind our success.



A Diverse Career Path 

Tania’s professional journey is a testament to her versatility and determination. She embarked on her career in the fascinating world of kitchen design and finance, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of these fields. Her experiences honed her ability to envision practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions – a skill that would later set her apart in the office furniture industry.

The Perfect Concept: A Legendary Start 

In 2001, Tania joined Perfect Concept Solutions, a renowned company specialising in top-tier office furniture. Here, she began her journey as a Sales and Account Manager, working alongside a true legend in the office furniture industry, Andrew Mackie. This collaboration laid the foundation for Tania’s passion for office furniture and her unwavering commitment to excellence.

Perfect concepts was eventually renamed as Perfect Synergi, and in 2013 a new member of the team, Jo Jenkins was introduced to create content for the website and perform general admin tasks.

Tania with her dog Tashi sitting on her shoulders

The TAGOffice Era

In 2015, a remarkable opportunity presented itself when Tania co-founded TAGOffice with Operations Director, Ged McVeigh. This pivotal moment allowed her to step into the role of Sales Director, where she played a key role in shaping the company’s vision and growth. It was also in this era that Tania added another member to the team, Tashi ‘the office dog’ a Tibetan Terrier with a passion for cheese and sausage. Tashi is known and loved by many of our clients & manufacturers!

A New Beginning: ADDOffice 

In 2022, Tania and Ged amicably decided to part ways, each pursuing their unique paths. Tania’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish ADDOffice, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her clients and where she continues to work alongside Jo (and Tashi!)

At ADDOffice, we continue to serve the loyal customers who have worked with Tania for many years, as well as welcome new clients seeking premium office furniture solutions for their businesses.

ADDOffice Sales Director Tania Dangerfield

Tania – ADDOffice Sales Director

Tania's office dog Tashi modelling the latest furniture ranges from our manufacturers

Tashi – the office dog

Jo - ADDOffice Website and marketing.

Jo  – Website Content