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Staff lockers

Why Staff Lockers are so Important

With a shift in the direction of hot desking, the issue of where staff keep their personal belongings when in the office raises its head. And this is why staff lockers are such an important part of your office furniture. They can even help to maintain a good work culture within the office.

Office reception ideas

Three Top Office Reception Ideas

The reception area of your office is the very first impression clients and colleagues will have of your offices and, therefore, your company. This means it’s important that your reception looks its best. So your office reception ideas need to not only be beautiful, but also reflect the character of your organisation.

using office design to increase productivity

How to Use Office Design to Increase Productivity

Office design is more than just having a great looking workspace. Your work environment can have a big impact on your productivity. But how can you create a space using office design to increase productivity? Here are a few office design tips to increase productivity.

White Storage Wall

Top Office Organisation Ideas to Streamline Your Working Day

When it comes to office storage ideas, having everything to hand and within easy reach, yet neatly tidied away when not in use, can really help boost productivity. Here are our favourite office organisation ideas to keep your workspace tidy and your mind focused.

Office Christmas decoration ideas

How to Decorate your Office for Christmas

Decorating the office is a great way to bring employees together and celebrate not only the festive season, but also all your achievements as a team. Looking for some great office Christmas decoration ideas? Here are just a few to get you in the festive spirit.

Benefits of a standing desk

4 Top Benefits of a Standing Desk

Alongside activity based working, there has been a huge movement towards the benefits of a standing desk and how it can aid productivity and health. Regardless of whether you’re working from home, a student, your own boss or part of a large team within a big office, there can be many benefits of a standing desk. Here’s why.

COVID safe workplace

How to Create a COVID-Safe Workplace

Creating a COVID safe workplace may seem daunting, and whilst we live in a world with COVID, no office is ever going to be 100% COVID-secure. However, there are certain things that you can do with your office furniture to make your workplace as COVID-safe as you possibly can.

Small office ideas

4 Small Work Office Design Ideas

Just because you only have a small office, doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. This applies whether you are currently working from home, have a flexible working arrangement or rent a small office space. Here we look at some innovative small office ideas, to help you create the ideal workspace whatever its size.

Activity based working

4 Office Furniture Ideas to Support Activity Based Working

Many companies are moving towards activity based working, because it is known to increase motivation and enhance employee wellbeing, as well as maximise space within the office. If you think activity based working could work well for your team, here’s how to choose office furniture to support it.