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Why Staff Lockers are so Important

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With a move towards hybrid working for many organisations, there has also been a shift in the direction of hot desking. Whilst this has been welcomed by many an employee, it does mean that it poses the issue of where staff keep their personal belongings when in the office. And this is why staff lockers are such an important part of your office furniture. They can even help to maintain a good work culture within the office.

Here’s why staff lockers are so important.

1.   A place for everything

The obvious reason as to why staff lockers are so important is that they give your team somewhere to store their personal effects. If you have a culture of hot desking, this is especially important.

It will help your overall office culture by giving your staff storage lockers, particularly if these are lockers that are assigned to them for their use only, as it will mean that they won’t have to lug their personal effects backwards and forwards from home to office all the time.

Even if everyone has their own desk within the office, having lockers, or even a staff locker room, can mean that your employees will be able to lock away their coats, bags and other personal effects and ensure that they’re not only safe but will also keep desks free from distraction. Why not try multifunctional storage lockers which can suit various sizes and requirements?

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2.   Keep desks clutter free

The use of lockers will make your office as a whole look and feel tidier and clutter free. Gone is the need for your team to keep lunch items, hats and gloves and phone chargers on their desks. Instead, they can be neatly stored away in their lockers.

And don’t think that if you have a small office staff storage lockers won’t work for you. You can go for narrow lockers, or small staff lockers, such as the modular Locki Office Storage Lockers. By installing staff lockers, you may actually make your entire office space look bigger, due to the clutter being hidden away.

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3.   Improve organisation

Staff lockers can also help to improve organisation and productivity within the office, too.

Keeping your workplace clear of clutter and any pieces of equipment that are not in use not only makes your workplace tidier, it can also help to improve overall organisation, which in turn aids productivity.

4.   Offer security

The usual use for lockers in any setting is to increase security. This could also be important within your organisation, especially if you are a large organisation.

Give your team a sense of security for their personal belongings with the aid of staff lockers. Why not try lockers such as the ProTech Security and Anti Theft Lockers for security peace of mind?

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5.   Aid office culture

Office culture is a huge pull for many employees. Many companies now hire their employees for culture fit as much as for their experience, and this is a two way street. If a potential employee likes what they see at the interview stage, then they are more likely to join your organisation.

You may be wondering what this has to do with staff storage lockers? Well, having a staff locker policy can help to contribute to your office culture. For example, if you have a staff football team or allow employees flexible lunch hours to attend gym classes, why not think about installing sports lockers? Even if you don’t install lockers for a specific purpose, giving your team their own space will create a sense of belonging and help employees feel valued.

Aside from having somewhere safe to store their personal effects, if you have a staff locker room or break out room, you will also give your employees somewhere relaxing to spend time away from their desks.

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