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Top Office Organisation Ideas to Streamline Your Working Day

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Did you know that having a clean and tidy desk doesn’t just help keep you organised in your work, but can also boost productivity? When it comes to office storage ideas, having everything to hand and within easy reach, yet neatly tidied away when not in use, can really help you to crack on with your work and not get distracted by the mess around you.

However, it can be difficult to keep your workspace organised without the use of good office storage ideas. Here are our favourite office organisation ideas to keep your workspace tidy and your mind focused.

1.  Choose a desk with storage

A desk with storage built in, or a separate pedestal underneath, will really help to keep your workspace uncluttered. Choosing a desk with a double pedestal, such as the Beat Desk with Double Pedestal, will organise your space by providing a large amount of storage to neatly file away everything you need.

If you work from home, having storage within your workspace is particularly important. At the end of the day, you want to be able to switch off, and pack your work life away, ready to focus on your family.

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A home office desk with storage can help with this. If you’re particularly organised, you may wish to go for a desk with open storage – which means that you can mix files with ornaments and photo frames to balance the desk with your home décor – but if you really want to shut your work away at the end of the day, opt for a home office desk with drawers, like the Haynes Home Office Desk.

Don’t forget that you can also combine your desk storage with a desk drawer organiser tray, so that you can keep all of your small stationery items close at hand. Desk drawer organisation is so important in not just shifting your clutter from the top surface of your desk into the drawers without organising it properly first!

2.  Use bookcases and cupboards

Whether you’re looking for home office organisation ideas, or solutions for a larger workspace, bookcases and cupboards are always a good idea. Chunky files and pieces of office equipment need somewhere to live, and having plenty of shelving space will help with this. If you’d rather be able to shut the door on any clutter, then cupboards should be your choice of furniture over bookcases.

In a home office, you could also combine cupboards and bookcases with an office wall organiser or open shelving above your desk. This is another great way of combining your workspace with your home décor to create a stylish space, especially if you include ornaments and knickknacks alongside the files.

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3.  Make your office storage ideas work harder for you

Using functional furniture is a great way of making your office storage ideas work harder for you. This could be a pedestal which doubles up as a stool, office partition storage or a filing partition unit you can really make the most of your office space by doubling up on the various uses of pieces of furniture.

Partition storage, for example, doubles up as storage, as well as a way to zone off areas of the office and provide privacy and soundproofing. This is particularly useful if your office is on the small side.

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Office storage ideas from ADD office

As nationwide suppliers of premium office furniture, we have a wide range of office storage ideas available. From home office organisation to desk drawer organisation, we can help you to choose the best office organisation ideas to suit your needs and the space available.

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