Office Christmas decoration ideas

How to Decorate your Office for Christmas

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Decorating the office is a great way to bring employees together and celebrate not only the festive season, but also all your achievements as a team. If you are a large company, you could even bring an element of competition into the mix, and pit departments against each other with anything from the most over the top Christmas decoration through to the most elegant Christmas office décor. Stuck for office Christmas decoration ideas? Here are just a few to get you in the festive spirit.

How to decorate the office lobby or reception area for Christmas

The reception or lobby area of your office should really be an elegant space, in order to give your guests a good first impression. This is the case whether you’re talking about reception furniture or Christmas decorations.

Whether you go traditional with a large tree to fill the space, or hang baubles from the ceiling in a more contemporary display, depends on your sense of style, the type of company you are and the work you do. We would, however, advise choosing baubles and decorations which are in your brand colours to ensure brand consistency from that very first impression, all created by your office hallway Christmas decorating ideas.

How to achieve an elegant Christmas look?

We’re big fans of elegant Christmas office décor. Yes, you can certainly have fun with your colleagues and create competition between departments with homemade decorating competitions, but for the main decorations, we would advise keeping it elegant.

There are several ways of doing this, and it really depends on the space you have available to you:

  • In a large office, we would suggest a traditional tree. This could be using the brand colours, or if it’s a space frequented purely by your team, let them decide what decorations to use. You may want to choose a more traditional colour scheme if it’s the latter.
  • If you are short on space, why not hang decorations from the ceiling? Lots of complementary baubles hung from the ceiling can be really effective, and if you have a suspended office ceiling where the tiles are movable, this is also a really easy way to decorate.
  • Remember to use lights. In any office, lights are a great way of adding Christmas cheer to the space and an easy solution for how to decorate an office for Christmas on a budget. Whether you loop fairy lights around your office plants (particularly effective if you have large pot plants that can be used in lieu of a Christmas tree!), string them along the top of desk dividers or use them to cosy up office pods, you’re sure to bring some sparkle and shine to the office this festive season.

Don’t forget meeting rooms and boardrooms. Often these areas have a lot of furniture, but also plenty of unused space. You may be able to pop a small tree on the boardroom table, or a larger tree – which will impress visitors and bring Christmas cheer to the team – in an unused corner of the room.

Office Christmas decoration ideas

How to decorate your home office for Christmas

Decorating your home office is very different to decorating a corporate office. You can really please yourself when it comes to a home office, especially if your home office needs to fit with the rest of your home’s décor.

You may only have a small space to play with, in which case, simple office desk Christmas decoration ideas may be for you: this could be a miniature tree, or a string of lights, or perhaps an elegant garland. Alternatively, if you’ve got a bigger space, you could go all out, and purchase some festive cushions to spruce up your office chair, or go for a larger tree.

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