How to Choose Home Office Furniture to Suit Your Home Décor

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When it comes to working from home, carving out your own niche as a working space to call your own has to rate as a priority. Distinguishing your workspace from the rest of the house is important for many reasons, especially in regards to creating a cut-off point between work and home life. So, how to find the space for a dedicated home office, and how to choose home office furniture that blends with your home décor?

There are lots of ways to carve out some space to create a dedicated home office you can call your own, something you can leave behind at the end of the working day when it’s time to focus on your family life. Let’s take a look at some of the top ideas, together with a few ways to make home office furniture fit perfectly with the rest of your home furnishings.

Hallway hideaway

Often there’s an unused space in a hallway that can be perfect to turn over into a cosy workspace. A compact home office desk in a sleek, modern style will act as a space-saver whilst creating a neat place to work that doesn’t interfere with through-traffic.

With hallway workspaces it’s important to make sure you keep things streamlined, and bear in mind that whatever furniture you choose will be on show to all. Functional furniture is beneficial in this respect, as it serves a dual purpose.

Compact Home Office Desk
Bibury Compact Home Office Desk

Cupboard retreat

An under-used cupboard could easily be used as a home office. For smaller spaces, a narrow, low profile desk makes the ideal choice. Doors that can open out fully expand the space perfectly, closing off at the end of the day to put work behind you.

This contemporary A-line desk with built-in shelving is ideal to fit into a snug space, plus you get to take advantage of the added storage too.

Home Office Desk With Storage
Odell Home Office Desk With Storage

Kitchen nook

Many people like working in the heart of the home, where the continuous buzz keeps their attention focused. But rather than commandeer the dining table, or part of the breakfast bar or kitchen worktop, it’s preferable to dedicate a space of your own so that you don’t clash with the rest of the family. Home office furniture that can work well for a kitchen based office is a sit-stand desk.

Studies show there are many health benefits to stand-up working, and with these desks you get to vary how you work throughout the day, combining sitting with standing to suit your preferences. The great thing with a stand-up desk, is that you can double it up as a mini-breakfast bar at weekends. Genius!

Sit Stand Meeting Table
Sit stand desk

Spare room study

A spare bedroom makes the perfect place for a small home study. Thinking about how to arrange home office furniture for best effect, in a spare room what you really want to achieve is something that can be re-used when you have guests staying.

Something like this stylish home office desk could blend in well with any neutral décor. The drawers allow you to stash your work essentials neatly out of sight, whilst the smooth-surfaced top is hardwearing, so perfect as a temporary dressing table for overnight visitors.

Home Office Desk With Drawers
Haynes Home Office Desk with Drawers

Home office furniture ideas from ADD office

ADD office is a UK-wide supplier of premium quality office furniture. We have an extensive range of high quality furniture, including a selection of home office furniture that’s flexible enough to work for a variety of spaces in the home.

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