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Is a Disorganised Office Putting a Strain on Your Business Efficiency and Profits?

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An organised office brings many benefits including reduced stress, less wasted time and greater profits. On the other hand, a disorganised office can hamper productivity and have a negative effect on reputation. Let’s take a look in more detail at the downsides of a disorganised office versus the benefits of an organised office, and how to achieve one.

Against: The Downsides of a Disorganised Office

When you can’t quickly put your hands on precisely what you need to get the job done, it’s always going to slow productivity. The amount of work you can achieve will be significantly reduced, and this is going to lead to lost profits.

If your office welcomes visits from customers and it presents a disorganised front, your reputation will be negatively affected. It may even put customers off dealing with you altogether because you are coming across as inefficient.

For: The Benefits of an Organised Office

There are numerous benefits of a well organised office…

Enhanced productivity

Every second counts during the working day. In an organised office, it is easier to find what you need. Everything is well placed for maximum efficiency. Equipment is nicely to hand, and files, literature and stationery are easily accessible. The advantage to this is time is used efficiently. Instead of wasting valuable moments trying to hunt down what is needed, staff can instead focus on the task in hand. This equates to enhanced productivity, which means more achieved in less time – the best possible result – and greater profits!

Better working environment

There’s nothing like an untidy workspace to aggravate stress. Clutter and disorganisation can exacerbate feelings of overwhelm and create a sense of lack of control. A comfortable environment reduces stress and anxiety, which in turn has a positive effect on efficiency. Reducing stress in a working environment always has a positive effect on morale and can also bring absence rates down.

Boosted reputation

Even if your workplace doesn’t receive visitors in person, it is likely you will deal with them on the telephone or by email or other digital means. Being able to get your hands on the information you need to deal with queries and enquiries instantly is vital if you are going to present the best possible impression. With everything to hand, your reputation in customer service will be boosted, and you will have the best chance possible of converting enquiries into sales.

How to achieve an organised office

An organised office is easily achievable. Here are some useful tips:

Desk storageoffice desks that include in-built storage will give staff the opportunity to keep their individual workstations tidy and free from clutter. It will also allow them to have all they need such as stationery and current files close at hand at all times. Involve your staff in the selection of desks to ensure they are suited to their specific needs. Some staff make use of paper-based files, whereas others work with digital storage. Some will need access to sales and marketing collateral, whilst others will require administrative supplies such as headed paper and envelopes. Everyone has different needs, so be sure to consult them all.

Storage solutions – carefully plan out your office storage needs. There are ways of reducing the volume of storage you need which means you can free up space in your office for other beneficial things, like breakout seating and plants, all good for morale and productivity. Think about filing units, shelving, pedestals, cupboards and cabinets. Partition storage is particularly useful as it serves a dual purpose, segregating sections of the office whilst acting as a useful storage facility for files and literature.

Clear desk policy – encourage a clear desk policy amongst all your staff. Prompt the storage of anything that is not currently in use, and install a clear filing system so that the entire workforce knows where to find whatever they need at any given time. A tidy office will prevent the loss or damage of important documents, and a clear desk policy is vital for data protection. What’s more, a clear desk equates to a clear mind, and there is nothing better for reducing workplace stress.

Reduce paperwork – where possible, try to switch to a digital office. Even a partial switch can make an incredible difference. Having information to hand on a PC rather than having to navigate manual filing systems offers clear advantages. More space, less waste and greater efficiency all result.

Create an organised office with help from ADD office!

An organised office is totally achievable with help from ADD office. With a great deal of experience and knowhow in designing efficient working spaces around modern, sophisticated office furniture, our team is well placed to help you achieve everything you aspire to for your business. Why not get in touch today? We look forward to being of assistance!