using office design to increase productivity

How to Use Office Design to Increase Productivity

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Office design is more than just having a great looking workspace; it can also affect productivity. Productivity extends beyond managing your workload, or how you organise your time. In fact, your work environment can have a big impact on your productivity. But how can you create a space using office design to increase productivity? Here are a few office design tips to increase productivity.

The use of colours in office design

The use of colour within interior design has had a long history of being linked to affecting our moods. As such, choosing the colour scheme of your office is an important decision in increasing productivity.

So which colour should you choose? That depends on what you want to boost within the office. For example, red is usually linked to an increase in brainwave activity. Blue is often seen as a corporate colour and is linked to the idea of efficiency and trust. And yellow is a happy colour, thought to increase confidence and energy.

If you are furnishing a home office, you can choose any colour that motivates you. Whereas, if you are furnishing a corporate office, you will likely want to match your colour scheme to the colours in your branding, too, but you can also add pops of complementary or secondary colours through the use of office furniture. For example, the Motley Brightly Coloured Pedestals come in a variety of colours, as do the Progue Multifunctional Storage Lockers.

2 Drawer Pedestal


Comfortable seating

Being comfortable will always increase productivity, and comfort within the office has to start with a good seat. A non-ergonomic chair can have poor back health implications, so it’s important to get it right. Sitting comfortably in one of the many ergonomic office chairs available will really help with productivity within the office.

Comfortable desks

As well as good quality office chairs, it’s also important to incorporate comfortable desks as part of your office design tips to help increase productivity. If you didn’t know that desks could be comfortable, then you need to know more about the variety of height adjustable desks available.

Height adjustable desks can aid productivity, as they allow people to work in the most comfortable position for them at the time. For many, standing to deliver a remote presentation or pitch can really help to boost confidence too, which can lead to better results.

Height Adjustable Desk

Creating a designated office focus room

You may want to create dedicated spaces for focus as part of your office design. By creating an office focus room, for example, you really are using office design to increase productivity, as you’ll be creating a dedicated space for you or your team to concentrate, collaborate and focus their attentions.

This may require you to combine all of the office design tips to increase productivity, such as colours, desk design and ergonomic chairs, and maybe even more contemporary ideas such as a private office pod, as well as elements for collaboration, like a meeting table.

The finishing touches

Office design tips to increase productivity are often pulled together by the finishing touches that really make an office less sterile and more homely. This could be office storage to allow your employees to keep personal effects at the office overnight, or the use of plants in the office to increase productivity, or productive music for office life. All of these elements will combine to create an office space which is both welcoming and fun for you and / or your team, as well as productive, too.

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