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How Office Furniture Choices can Affect Productivity in the Workplace

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Did you know that your choice of workplace office furniture can affect productivity? It may seem a little extreme, but having a comfortable, ergonomic and inspiring workplace can really help to engage productivity and boost morale. Here’s how you can get the best out of your workplace furniture and, in turn, your employees.

1. The appearance of your workplace furniture

Just as the tone of your business can be set by the clothes that your team wear, so can the appearance of your workplace office furniture set the tone for what’s expected in the office. Having professional looking workplace furniture will increase the professionalism and productivity of your employees.

And this doesn’t mean that your office furniture has to be boring, either; there are a variety of styles available to match your office décor. From classic through to modern and funky, there will always be something which will suit your industry and your office culture.

2. Ergonomic furniture solutions for the workplace

Comfort is so important to both the physical well-being of your staff and their productivity. A comfortable employee at an ergonomic desk space is much more likely to be able to work consistently and productively.

Yellow Ergonomic Task Chair

Choosing ergonomic office chairs will, of course, help with this task. They help to improve posture and comfort for sitting for long periods of time. But have you also considered height adjustable desks? These sit and stand desks help employees maintain a more active stance to the way they work as they allow for a degree of flexibility. This could be choosing to stand whilst working, or simply adjusting the desk height to fit their personal preference or suit a wheelchair.

3. Utility and the basics of workplace office furniture

Workplace furniture is so much more than simply a desk and a chair. It’s important that you think beyond these and consider all aspects of what your team may need. This could be anything from storage solutions through to desk lamps and desk fans.

It’s essential to ensure you cover the basics of employee comfort and then consider any little extras you may be able to provide your team with. These will always be well received and will help to increase productivity amongst your employees who will feel supported and looked after.

4. Design your workplace office furniture with well-being in mind

Workplace well-being can be improved through the use of quality workplace furniture. Not only does an aesthetically pleasing office create an atmosphere of professionalism, it can also increase employee well-being. Working in a space which feels comfortable and looks good will encourage your team to want to do their best.

Furthermore, the introduction of aspects such as height adjustable sit-stand desks allow your employees a degree of flexibility over their work. The perception of your effort as an employer to install aspects which contribute to an ergonomic space will be well received by your team.

Sit Stand Bench Desk

Plus, by introducing furniture solutions for the workplace, such as height adjustable desks, you can also boost your employee confidence. Being able to conduct standing meetings or pitch to a new client whilst standing can really boost an employee’s self-confidence and make such meetings much more productive and effective.

Furniture solutions for the workplace to increase productivity from ADD office

ADD office is a nationwide supplier of premium office furniture. As such, we have a variety of furniture solutions for the workplace available to suit different offices and teams, all of which can work together to increase productivity.

Feel free to contact us to discuss productivity boosting workplace office furniture with us. We are happy to offer a tailored service to ensure we really do get the most productivity out of your employees. Why not get in contact today? Let’s make your workplace the productive space it needs to be!