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Home Office Designs and Desk Considerations

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Many of us are very familiar with working from home nowadays. With plenty of us either working from home permanently or engaging in the hybrid workplace, it’s important for both our health and our productivity that we’re well equipped for a comfortable working environment within our home office. When it comes to designs and an office desk for home offices, there are certain ideas and considerations to bear in mind.

1. Consider your work: what do you do?

Something to consider before your office designs start to take shape is what you’ll be doing. Maybe you mostly work on a computer, but perhaps you also need the space to carry out more creative tasks? Do you carry out a lot of video conferencing calls, and if so, do you require your background to be neutral? However you work, you need to have a home office which is functional for your needs.

You may have a lot of resources and files, and therefore a desk for a home office with drawers or built-in storage may be key to the organisation of your work space. If you need space for more than one screen, or an area to have a laptop set up plus some creative or writing space, an L-shaped desk may be the right choice for you. Or if you prefer to stand for that all important pitch process, then a desk which can be height adjusted at the touch of a button could be ideal.

And it’s not just about the desk, either; consider your surrounds. Are they conducive to productivity? Do they inspire creativity? Have you got enough natural light? All of these aspects are important and interlink with the crucial decision of choosing an office desk for home.

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2. Consider your space: how much do you have?

The design of your home office might also be defined by the amount of space you have. You may have a dedicated, purpose-built home study within a loft conversion, or simply an area of your dining room which has been turned over to working from home.

There is no right or wrong, so long as it’s right for you. If you do have a more cosy area for working from home, a compact office desk will impact less on the rest of your living space. And this doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish at the same time. Whether your office is in your living room or a different part of your home, you can make your space work with the rest of your home décor to help you to maintain productivity levels.

3. Consider your ergonomics: are you sitting or standing comfortably?

Aside from the aesthetics of where you’re working, it’s important to be comfortable during your working day, too. Many of us are guilty of letting those ergonomics slide when working from home, but it’s important for your health that you are comfortable.

Ensuing you have an ergonomic chair which helps you to change postures while you sit will really benefit your back and neck health. Sit and stand desks are popular at the moment, as many people look to change things up and spend some time working in a standing position to help stretch their legs and give their back a break.

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4. Consider organisation: How to organise your home office desk?

A tidy desk helps a productive mind. Choose accessories that not only aid your organisational skills but also bring you joy; coordinate the colours of your storage accessories such as pen pots and files with accessories such as your desk lamp to make the space an enjoyable environment to work in.

Organisation often means that we need more than just a desk to help organise our space, particularly if you’re working on a compact desk. So, think about adding a wall shelving unit. If you’re worried about having work items on display, then add closed storage, even if this is pretty box files or baskets to hold small items. Organisation doesn’t have to be plain and boring.

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