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4 Office Design Ideas to Improve Workplace Productivity

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Today’s office is an evolving thing, with activity based working and hotelisation taking the helm. With so much time spent working from home, it is going to be something of a challenge to lure workers back to the office, and home comfort based features are going to be key to boosting productivity and getting creativity back on track. Here we look at some top office design ideas that should do the trick nicely.

1.     Support activity based working

Activity based working is all about providing the right space to suit the job in hand. Gone are the days of banks of desks. Now staff want to choose how and where they work. So the office of today needs to be a diverse one, with breakout areas, creative spaces, quiet zones and collaborative spots. When staff feel comfortable and in the right space, they are naturally more productive. Well-being is also given a boost too, which is good news for morale and reduced sickness absence.

Alto Modern High Bench Table

2.     Maximise natural light

Swathes of studies have shown that natural light in a workplace is conducive to improved productivity, mood and staff well-being. Your office layout should wherever possible allow as much natural light in as possible.

Positioning desks and other workspaces so that there is ample light yet no dazzle or glare is a good move. Glazed partitioning will allow light to filter through. If your office space doesn’t benefit from natural light, then consider investing in a modern lighting system that mimics natural light.

Kubick Partition Screen System

Better still, a smart lighting system will automatically dim or brighten throughout the day in response to changing environmental conditions. And personal lighting controls are highly recommended too. If staff can individually control their own lighting in order to suit personal preference or specific tasks, productivity gets a direct boost.

3.     Utilise unused space

A great deal of workspaces involve unused space. Corridors, stairwells and other nooks and crannies tend to abound, and there is a growing trend to use these spaces as functional work areas such as meeting spaces, huddle booths or call pods.

Slot in a few pieces of functional office furniture and you’ll be able to double up the space for storage too. It’s a really worthwhile task to make use of unused space and, at the same time, you get to create spaces that allow staff to work productively as and where they wish.

4.     Design with workplace well-being in mind

Whilst all of the above ideas will help to enhance workplace well-being and productivity, one of the best workplace office design ideas has to revolve around office furniture.

Height adjustable sit-stand desks allow staff to work as they please, as well as hold standing meetings which are well known for boosting productivity. Ergonomic office chairs  are designed to provide the ultimate in workplace comfort and well-being, especially for those who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. Feeling comfortable whilst working is one of the best ways to boost productivity, as well as morale and mood.Sit Stand Bench Desk

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