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How to Create an Office Space That’s Fun Yet Professional

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Returning to work post-pandemic has been met with a mixed response. With a YouGov survey revealing that 57 per cent of British workers continue to have a preference for working from home, it is clear that employers are going to have their work cut out enticing staff back into the office. One way to do so is to create an office space that’s fun, a home from home if you like. Naturally, any workspace still needs to have a professional air about it. But there are ways to achieve a professional office look and inject a dose of fun. Here’s how to do just that.

Why create a fun office environment?

An air of playfulness in an office environment offers an array of benefits. Here are just some of them:

  • Boosted productivity and engagement
  • Improved employee well-being
  • Greater staff retention and ability to attract talent
  • Enhanced collaboration and creative thinking

With a fun atmosphere at work, staff feel more ‘at home’, which in turn makes them feel more relaxed and generally happier.

How to make your office space look fun yet professional?

How to make your office look professional yet fun is all about striking the right balance. Follow these tips and you’ll be closer to achieving the ideal working environment.

1.      Encourage staff to bring their own personal items

There’s nothing like having a few of your own possessions around your workstation to make you feel at home. Personal items also act as a talking point, opening up conversations and helping staff to get to know each other better.

Whether it’s a plant, a cuddly toy or a framed picture or two, or even just a mug, be sure to make it clear to staff that if they want to adorn their spaces with their own familiar stuff, then they are free to do so.

Fun yet professional office look

2.      Be creative with colour choices

Colour has the power to influence the overall atmosphere of an office environment in quite a significant way. Whether you introduce a bold feature wall, or subtle colour accents, this is a good way to bring a workspace to life and make your office space look fun yet professional.

Using brand colours is popular, as it helps to reinforce company culture. Just one thing though… be sure not to overdo it. Keep larger walls neutral, using fun office furniture to introduce bursts of colour, and plants and artworks to brighten spaces without going too far.

3.      Introduce breakout areas

Providing a homely place to relax during the working day really can make a difference to staff morale. Add to that breakout place some brightly coloured office furniture, such as the Asteroid breakout lounge chair or Beem breakout bench or even the extra-vibrant Copple modular seating range, and there you have a touch of much-needed fun.

Books, board games and colouring books are great fun additions too, and homely touches such as kettles, coffee machines and chiller cabinets all help staff feel more comfortable and will ease that transition back to the workplace.

4.      Provide privacy

Do give some thought to providing private areas for staff to conduct meetings or take calls. A fun environment can sometimes become noisy, so bear this in mind when designing your office layout around the fun yet professional look.

Always remember that there is still work to be done, and the main aim for creating a fun environment is to boost productivity and morale.

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