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Best Office Furniture Ideas for Small Offices

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When you have a small office, furniture choices need to be made carefully, especially when there is a need to keep a certain amount of distance within the office. Well-planned and laid out workspaces offer a raft of benefits, from enhanced productivity and staff morale, to improved employee well-being and staff retention. Looking for ideas on the best office furniture for small spaces? Read on for our experts’ top suggestions.

Space saving office desks

One of the best ways to optimise space in a small office is to choose space saving office desks. These allow you to achieve a good sized working area, as well as ample storage, without taking up too much floor space.

There are numerous choices in space saving desks, with one of the most popular being the bench desk. These have seating either side, allowing staff to communicate, whilst enjoying privacy when required courtesy of privacy screens. Bench desks can also incorporate storage, perfect for the smaller office.

Other small office furniture ideas include rotating desks, compact desks, slim line desks and corner desks, as well as sit-stand desks, some of which include sleek, built-in cupboards and drawers, for maximum functionality.

Wave Bench Desk

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs offer full back support, and come in a range of styles and sizes, including compact options. Whilst it may be tempting to save space by opting for an office chair that prioritises size over comfort, putting the health of your staff first is vital.

The Carvey ergonomic desk chair for example comes in three sizes: petite, standard and tall. Features include back lumbar support, a dual zone seat for pelvis support, height and width adjustable armrests and a backrest designed to hug the body and provide more support.

Ergonomic Task Chair

Functional office storage

Saving space in a small office is simple with functional office storage solutions. Pedestal storage for example is designed to fit neatly under a desk. Some pedestals, such as the Nova under-desk file pedestal, come with cushion tops so that they can double up as stools, perfect to help make the most of space in the smaller office.

Partition storage is a practical way to keep accessories stored neatly away whilst doubling up as a dividing screen.

If you have significant storage needs and a smaller office space, think vertical. There are plenty of tall and narrow filing cabinets and storage cupboards that will suit a more compact office. Aura for example is an elegant range of sleek storage solutions available with various interior shelf fittings and a hinged lock and key for security.

Modular storage lets you build cupboards and shelving into a single unit, for the storage you need without taking up too much space. It also gives the workspace an air of modernity, and allows you to add your own personal touch to the office.

Good cable management

Avoiding clutter is key to making the most of a small office. One of the most significant clutter related issues in a workspace revolves around cables. Of course, cables are unavoidable, but there are ways to keep them in check, such as cable trays, spiral tubes and desks with built-in cable management.

Office furniture for small offices from ADD office

At ADD office, we offer a range of modern office furniture for small spaces to suit any compact working environment. Why not contact our helpful team to discuss some small office furniture ideas, and for fully tailored guidance on selecting the best options to suit your individual workspace?