Modern reception area with glossy white straight reception desk with curved edges and dark brown storage cupboards behind.

How to Furnish Your Reception Area and Make a Great First Impression

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A Guide to the Perfect Reception Area

Is your reception area looking a little…well, tired? The reception area is often the first point of contact for visitors to your office, so it deserves some serious design love! But with so many options available, furnishing your reception area can feel overwhelming. Fear not! This blog is here to guide you through the process, from selecting the perfect reception desk to creating a cohesive and welcoming space. 

A circular reception desks sits in a vast reception area which contains storage behind the desk as well as comfortable looking seating.

The Star of the Show: Choosing Your Reception Desk

The reception desk is the centrepiece of your reception area, so it needs to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Here are some key considerations: 

  • Size Matters: Will your reception desk take up a whole wall, or are you working with a more limited space? Consider the traffic flow and how many receptionists you typically have on duty. 
  • Shape Up:  Do you prefer the classic rectangular desk, the modern modular option, or the inviting circular design?  Each shape offers unique advantages, so think about what best suits your needs and brand identity.  
  • Brand Matchmaker:  Your reception desk should reflect your company’s personality.  A sleek, minimalist desk might suit a tech start-up, while a warmer, wooden design could be perfect for a law firm. White reception desks are often preferred by medical practices because they look clinical and clean. 


Reception Counters for Every Industry

Your reception area plays a key role for your business, and the main focal point is the reception counter. So, ask yourself this question: does your reception desk reflect your company in a positive way? Or does it look tired, run-down and dated? 

Here at ADDOffice, we have a wide range of reception desks for all kinds of businesses, here are just a few of our favourites: 

Make a statement with the wave reception desk! This modern marvel boasts a stunningly wavy front that stretches gracefully across the width, comfortably accommodating two, three, or even four receptionists. 

Its sleek design reflects the dynamism of your forward-thinking business, creating an impression on visitors from the moment they step through the door. 

Functionality meets modern design with our laminate and veneer reception desk! This versatile choice offers a fresh aesthetic perfect for any environment. The sleek curved edge with a lowered section ensures accessibility for guests in wheelchairs, promoting inclusivity in your reception area. It’s the perfect blend of style, functionality, and welcoming design. 

Transform your reception area with the endlessly adaptable Zeta modular desk! This innovative system lets you design the perfect space, accommodating a single receptionist or a bustling team of any size.  

The Zeta’s modular brilliance allows for reception desks as compact as individual desks or expansive configurations spanning the entire room. Despite their simplicity, these stunningly modern desks exude elegance with optional under-panel lighting that beautifully highlights the panels. It’s no surprise the Zeta is one of our most popular designs! 

Reception #4 – Kassina Modern Reception Desk

Welcome your guests in style with the Kassina modern reception desk! This sleek L-shaped design offers ample workspace for your receptionist while providing a designated area for visitors to complete forms on the tall, modern glass shelves. Clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic ensure the Kassina desk seamlessly integrates into any modern office environment, making a striking first impression for your business. 

Seating Arrangements: Make the Most of your Space

Now that you’ve chosen your desk, it’s time to focus on seating! The goal is to create a comfortable and inviting space for visitors. Here are some options to consider: 

  • Reception Sofas: Offer a touch of luxury and provide ample seating for groupsConsider two-seaters for smaller spaces or three-seaters for larger areas. Corner sofas or modular sofas allow for ultimate flexibility in layout.


  • Armchair Appeal: Reception armchairs add a touch of sophistication and create a more personalised seating experience. In fact, it’s often the use of armchairs that allow you to add a real showstopping piece that catches the eye and makes an impactful first impression.


  • Waiting Room Seating: It’s not always modern and luxurious seating you need! Perhaps in a more clinical setting, you are better with a more basic set up. That’s where waiting room seating comes in – simple, budget friendly seating options.


  • Mixing it Up: Don’t be afraid to combine different seating options! For example, pair a reception sofa with some stylish armchairs for a visually interesting and comfortable space. 


What sort of style would suit your reception area?
Two traditional looking luxurious blue armchairs with a slatted circular coffee table.
A selection of soft modular seating in a reception area which is configured into various seating layouts with 2 people sitting down and a square coffee table at the front.
A bright yellow and light grey modular curved seating area with a lady sitting down.

Remember:  Seating should be arranged to encourage conversation flow, not create a maze for visitors. Your reception area should look fresh and welcoming – it sets the tone for your entire business. 

Making the Most of Every Corner

The little touches can make an enormous difference! Consider adding these elements to enhance your reception area: 

  • Coffee Table Companions: Coffee tables provide a convenient surface for drinks and magazines, making the wait more pleasant for visitors.

  • Hat Stands and Coat Racks: Offer a place for visitors to hang their belongings, keeping your reception area clutter-free. 

  • Laptop Tables:  If your business caters to visitors who might need to work while they wait, consider providing laptop tables with charging ports. 
The Duffle range modular reception seating showing a man sitting on a two-seater sofa, a lady sitting opposite on a matching high back two-seater sofa. There is a curved version of the same sofa in the background and even a matching coffee table which contains power for the man's laptop.
Clean white reception sofas with a black rectangular coffee table and a black and white rug. The seating is placed in front of a big window.

The Finishing Touches: Walls, Decor, and Functionality

The walls and decor in your reception area play a vital role in setting the tone. Dress up your walls with artwork, inspirational quotes, or company awards that reflect your brand values. Consider using a colour palette that complements your reception furniture. 

 Don’t forget the little touches that enhance usability and friendliness!  Coffee tables with reading materials that are related to your industry can be a terrific addition. And don’t forget about lighting! Would you go for bright spotlights inserted into the ceiling? Or perhaps lots of soft lights hanging down from the ceiling? Think about it in terms of your business, what goes best with your reception area and what is most in-keeping with your brand. 

Let Your Reception Area Shine!

By following these tips and considering your brand identity, you can create a reception area that not only looks fantastic but also reflects your company’s values and makes a positive first impression on visitors. Remember, your reception area is an extension of your brand, so make it shine! 

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