Eleva height adjustable executive desk showing the different stages of height

From Function to Flair: Our Top 5 Italian Office Design Desks 

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Why Italian Office Design?

Italians are known for their style. Whether it’s fashion or furniture, everything they produce just seems effortlessly cool and sleek, doesn’t it?

As part of our office furniture planning service, we often visit clients who are looking to upgrade their tired office space into something modern, functional and in-keeping with their brand. 

More often than not, we recommend Italian office design furniture. 

But why is that? As a UK company, should we not be promoting office furniture manufactured in the UK? 

Don’t get us wrong, there is some very well-designed furniture manufactured here in the UK, much of which we have on our website. But if you just want that little extra flair, then Italian furniture wins. 

This article looks at our favourite Italian office design desks that will transform your office. 

1. Eleva – Height Adjustable Executive Desk 

This desk optimises function AND flair. It’s minimalist, modern look is combined with easy-to-use height adjustment, operated by a fun-to-use electric button. It’s a sit-stand desk promoting better circulation and reducing fatigue.

What we like about it: 

The Eleva desk encourages us to move! How often have you sat hunched over your desk before realising that 4 hours have passed? AND you haven’t had a drink or lunch!

That’s what makes this desk smart and functional! It promotes healthy habits and still manages to look stunning! You can even add leather inlay panels into the desk that are so classy, we’re surprised it hasn’t been photographed for Vogue yet! Take a look:

Image with black background of the Eleva executive desk in dark wood and brown leather inlay panel in the standing position.>> View the Eleva Height Adjustable Exec Desk

2. Meta – High End Executive Desk 

Ahh the Meta. If ever there was a desk that made a style statement – it would be this one. Where most desk frames are wooden or silver metal, the Meta desk frames are pink copper or shadow grey! Even typing that sentence felt stylish! 

What we like about it: 

This is the type of desk that the boss sits at with a smile of success on their face – because they know that it’s impossible for their office to look any smarter with the Meta desk in prime position. 

Meta is a very strong and sturdy executive desk which offers a generous workspace. In other words, it gives you enough room to have framed pictures of your children, your dog and even your retro Newtons cradle desk toy without compromising any of your actual workspace. See for yourself: 

Copper framed executive desk with a white desktop.>> View the Meta High End Executive Desk

3. Arch – Luxury Executive Office Desk 

So, you want to look like a confident business leader? The Arch executive desk can help you there! This stylish veneered desk takes traditional design and adds a modern-day twist, making a real statement.  

What we like about it: 

Just sitting behind a desk like this brings confidence, it’s almost like a hidden superpower! The fact that you can build upon the desk with integrated storage returns and matching furniture just makes it even more luxurious! Just look at it: 

dark picture of the Arch luxury executive office desk with storage return in black lighting>> View Arch Executive Office Desk

4. X10 – Stunning Veneered Italian Executive Desk 

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more subtle in its grandeur, something with softer lines and tactile curves? Step forward the X10 executive desk. This Italian office design desk perfectly blends the traditional with the contemporary. Not only does its curvaceous frame set it apart from competitors, but the leather tops you can add to the desk just make it ooze with sophistication! 

What we like about it: 

Let’s face it, sitting behind this beauty will make you look and feel like the boss! It has so many optional extras too. Integrated storage, matching boardroom and meeting tables, leather desk panels and hidden cable management to name just a few! View it below:

X10 Italian executive desk with curved wood frame showing in American Walnut finish. There is a lamp and laptop on the desk with a bookcase behind.>> View the X10 Stunning Executive Desk

5. Saint Evo – Glossy Italian Executive Desk 

Are contemporary desks more your thing? Italian office design desks don’t get much more modern than the Saint Evo range. It’s the kind of desk that makes an immediate first impression with its impossibly gorgeous glossiness! In fact, the glossy frame comes as standard (you can choose black or white), but the desktop is your choice. Decide for yourself if you are going to go all-out with the glossy look or choose a desktop in a standard wood finish. 

What we like about it? 

When choosing the glossy look, the light just bounces off this desk giving the whole office bright and happy vibes. It’s a desk for the true professional, with minimal fuss and clean surfaces. Indeed, if ever there was a desk that reflected the modern-day business – it would be this one! 

>> View the Saint Evo Italian Glossy Desk

Looking for more Italian Office Design Inspiration? 

As experts in Italian design office furniture for over 15 years, we here at ADDOffice are confident that we can find the right furniture to perfectly match your business, brand and office space! Simply give us a call: 0208 241 6363 and we’ll be happy to show you different ranges to suit your requirements or arrange a visit to one of our showrooms.