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How Lighting Can Affect the Mood of Your Office Reception Area

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As the welcoming hub to the rest of the building, your office reception area has an important job to do when it comes to creating that perfect first impression for visitors.

Your reception furniture, and importantly, your reception area lighting, needs to be welcoming and aligned with what your business stands for, whether it’s professional and efficient, or creative and fun. What’s more, office reception lighting needs to fulfil a basic function of illuminating the way and allowing the employees who work in this area to carry out their jobs efficiently.

Wondering where to start when it comes to creating the right ambience for your foyer? Join us as we explore what we consider to be some of the top office reception ideas.

Reception desks and lighting

Within the reception area, the reception desk is the main focal point. It’s usually busy with people checking in and out and staff dealing with phone calls and queries. The size and culture of your business will naturally lend itself to the type of reception desk you have, and this will influence your choice of reception area lighting.

For example, a business that is conventional in its values and approach might opt for the Laser Traditional Reception Desk. This quality reception desk is available in a curved or straight formation. It can be customised for storage, and may include an optional company logo. It is available in a range of finishes including cherry, stormy oak or walnut.

Laser Traditional Reception Desk

Office reception lighting around such a traditional reception desk may feature overhead fixed or suspended ceiling lights. Or you might opt for spot lights for a more subtle feel.

In a different example, a smaller, more contemporary business may choose the Kassina Modern Reception Desk. Available in a radius, kidney or L-shape finish, these stylish reception desks give a playful impression and are available in a range of finishes including silver, white, oak and beech.

Here, office reception lighting would lend itself to something more modern such as low hanging pendulum lights. This could be combined with a wall mounted or free standing lamp to help avoid a harsh glare and promote a softer, more relaxed atmosphere.

Reception seating, coffee tables and lighting

The reception seating area needs to be well lit to allow those waiting to read, relax or work. Just like the reception desk, your choice of seating will influence the office reception lighting.

A standalone seating system such as the Block Modular Reception Seating is incredibly versatile and allows you to interchange and link together the blocks to create a shape and size to suit. Available in a fabric or leather finish, this modern reception seat will suit a brightly lit room with strong overhead lighting.

Circular Modular Seating

In comparison, for a more relaxed office atmosphere, you could choose something like the Dove Iconic Retro Armchair. These stylish and classic looking chairs make a striking impression whilst projecting a calm mood in the office waiting area.

Reception area lighting around this style of chair suits a tranquil, soft style, so consider free standing lamps, wall mounted lights or low hanging pendulum lights.

Waiting room sofas offer yet more choice of comfortable office reception area seating.

These styles are a good option if you have a larger business and expect a higher footfall through your office reception area, as they can accommodate more people and can be positioned to allow group seating.

Crossnaught Reception Soft Seating gives a feeling of luxury with its deep cushions and optional footstall, and can be used as an armchair, or a two or three seater sofa. Free standing lamps are a good choice for reception area lighting when using waiting room sofas such as this, as they help enhance the mood.

Leather Sifa with Armrest

Armchairs, waiting room sofas and other comfortable styles of reception seating work well when partnered with coffee tables.

A table such as the Escape Wire Sled Frame Coffee Table can provide a good platform on which to use a table lamp to provide soft office reception lighting. This sleek looking table is available in a square or circular shape and can be finished in MFC or veneer including ash, beech, oak or white. 

Looking for advice on choosing reception furniture to perfectly complement your office reception lighting? Talk to ADD Office.

It is possible to create a welcoming but impactful impression in your office reception area by cleverly combining reception furniture and reception area lighting.

For help choosing the right reception desks, reception seating, waiting room sofas and coffee tables that s suit your business, please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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