Hybrid Meeting Room with a table, 6 chairs and a TV mounted

What is a Hybrid Meeting Room?

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In these post-pandemic times, the way we work has changed a LOT. Hybrid meeting rooms are now the new normal, but what are they?

Simply put, they are designed to create a collaborative environment between people physically within the meeting room as well as remote participants joining virtually via platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. In other words, a modern meeting room designed to keep those working from home connected and involved.

Even though covid is becoming more of a distant memory, it has certainly left a huge impact on our working lives. As an illustration, according to the Office for National Statistics, 44% of people in the UK now either work solely from home or partially from home in a hybrid working set up. As a result, hybrid meetings are now part of our everyday lives and therefore more hybrid meetings solutions are needed.

The 5 Cs to Consider with Hybrid Meetings

It’s no secret that hybrid working is more of a challenge. In fact there are five Cs to consider: communication, coordination, connection, creativity, and culture. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page and interacting efficiently is essential to a successful business environment. So how can we set our office up for success?


Hybrid Meeting Solutions

There are several pieces of furniture we can put in place to help with Hybrid meetings. Firstly a boardroom table or meeting table is going to be the central integral part of the meeting space. It’s important to choose the right boardroom table for the space that you have so taking measurements and allowing for the number of chairs needed are key.

Remember the little details too. For example, does your table need a central port for allowing access to cables? Will all of the people around the table be visible to the participants on the video call?

Positioning is incredible important, that’s why opting for a more modular conference table set up could also be worth considering.

When choosing seating for your hybrid meeting space, don’t forget to consider comfort, design and how the chairs fit in with your table. After all, having a more functional space doesn’t mean you can’t have a modern meeting room!

4 variations of the Sky chair for hybrid meeting spaces, offices and boardrooms

Extra Touches

In addition to the main furniture needed for your hybrid meeting room, there are a few extra things you can add that could prove very useful. For instance, a mobile TV unit could be very handy if you need to position those calling in virtually elsewhere in the room. Similarly, a mobile white board is a great way of taking notes in these important meetings. The good thing about both the mobile TV unit and whiteboard is they can be easily moved from room to room and stored away if preferred.

Flat screen TV on a Black portable TV stand in an office

Need help or advice on how to plan your rooms for hybrid meetings? ADD Office can help.

If you’d like help in planning your office to achieve the maximum productivity for hybrid working please get in touch. We have a range of furniture to suit all office types from busy call centres to high end executive suites.