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Boardroom Furniture

The boardroom is the powerhouse of any business. It’s where some of the most important people in the company meet to make significant decisions. Long hours can be spent in boardrooms, carrying out meetings and keeping everyone up to date on the company’s latest news. A boardroom needs to represent a business’s brand and demonstrate its success, while also providing a comfortable environment that caters to everyone’s needs. Choosing the right boardroom furniture is one of the most important parts of creating the right design and ensuring that you have a room that reflects the success and the ambition of the business. ADD office is one of the leading providers of high-end office furniture in the UK, with an extensive range of boardroom tables and chairs, as well as storage solutions.

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Furnishing Your Boardroom

There are various elements of boardroom design that can contribute to creating the right atmosphere for important meetings. Interior design, lighting, and any necessary audiovisual equipment and technology are all essential factors to consider. Boardroom furniture is vital to think about when designing a practical and comfortable meeting space. However, it’s not only the practicality and comfort of a boardroom that should influence your furniture choices. Branding and style also need to be taken into account to create a boardroom that’s representative of your business. ADD office makes it easy to find stylish, high-quality furniture for your boardroom to create the best setup for any purpose.

Boardroom Tables

The ADD office range of boardroom tables gives businesses both large and small a choice of strong and stylish furniture. Boardrooms are designed for bringing everyone together, and our large tables are ideal for making sure that there is enough space for all. With the ability to customise many of the tables on offer, you can purchase items that meet all of your boardroom needs. A choice of materials, shapes and styles means that you can design your boardroom to your liking and in line with your brand. Our product range includes glass boardroom tables, wooden tables, modern and traditional designs, and various practical features. Choose a white boardroom table for a clean and contemporary look, or perhaps a warm natural wood effect for a sleek and respectable meeting room design.


Glass Boardroom Tables

Our glass boardroom tables offer a sleek look for your boardroom. Products such as the Ark table provide contemporary options for the modern boardroom, while the Xeta table can even offer a more traditional look with the deep red-brown Moka finish option

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Meeting Tables

The right tables for meetings are vital to help foster conversation, whether they are large meetings or more intimate gatherings with fewer people. Our range of meeting tables allows you to choose between larger boardroom tables and smaller meeting tables, including some with adjustable heights or designed for breakout spaces.

Arch Wenge Meeting Table

Conference Tables

Conference rooms need to be designed to allow everyone to have equal input, and often to communicate with people who might not be physically present in the room too. Our conference table products include stylish modular options so you can create the table you really need, and reconfigure the layout of the room to suit any occasion.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a more casual option that can be used to create breakout spaces and relaxing areas in boardrooms and elsewhere around your office. ADD office coffee tables include sleek contemporary designs and options in glass, wood and other quality materials. Use them to set up stylish spaces that are ideal for more casual meetings.


Italian Boardroom Tables

We feature some top-quality Italian designs in our boardroom tables. Products such as the classic Loop table and the contemporary Sironi table give you a fantastic choice of tables to add to your boardroom. With excellent construction and flawless design, they will make any boardroom look beautiful.

Boardroom Chairs

ADD office also sells a carefully selected range of boardroom chairs, designed to create a uniform look across your meeting space. Our selection of stylish conference room chairs gives a choice of prices for any budget, as well as varying designs to suit the message you want your brand to put across. A range of colours and styles helps you to get the perfect look and to select the most comfortable and space-saving option to furnish your boardroom. Our boardroom chairs are designed to fit nearly around boardroom tables to maximise available space and offers a choice of finishes, including leather, fabric, and wood.

Combine our meeting chairs with other boardroom furniture and chairs from our other ranges to create breakout spaces within your boardroom too. Whether static or featuring castor bases or gliders for easy manoeuvrability, the right chairs can make a significant difference to the comfort and practicality of your conference room.



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ADD office provides free consultations for people planning their boardroom furniture. The price of our products includes the manufacturing of the product but doesn’t include either delivery or installation. You can get in touch for a quote on delivery and installation prices, which are based on your location and order size.

All of our products are individually made to order as we do not hold any stock. You can expect to wait around two or three weeks to receive your order, although some of our higher-end ranges may take between four and six weeks.

If you’re unsure about what boardroom furniture to purchase for your business, we can offer advice on what to buy. We can recommend furniture and layouts to help you configure your boardroom to the best specifications.

We pride ourselves on our stellar customer service, which we strive to deliver alongside our high-quality, luxury products. Each of our customers receives personalised service, with a single point of contact throughout and seamless account management from start to finish. You won’t be left struggling to get hold of someone or dealing with five different people on one order. Whether your business is a startup or a flourishing global company, you will receive the same top-quality treatment from our team.