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Office Furniture for your Open Space Office

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Furniture for open space office refers to the furniture pieces that are set up in a way to enable employees to work together communally. The right furniture allows employees to work side by side without dividers between them, creating a space that everyone can enjoy together. 

You can do this with custom office workstations for open space office planning, including benching desks and free-standing desks for collaborative working. An open space office is one that is dynamic, useful, and without privacy. It allows employees to foster excellent relationships and work in a team.

70% Of All Working Areas Adopt Open Space Office

Open space offices were designed originally back in 1950 by a German team who believed that there was a better way to improve communication between employees. Due to this trend of office furniture for open space, 70% of all working areas have now adopted this way of working – proving that it works for most offices. Finding the right office furniture for the open space all depends on the office layout that you have chosen. 

Open Space Office vs. Office Cubicles

The choice between office cubicles and open space office is one that every business faces. With the right office furniture, though, this debate can be put to bed. The right ergonomic office furniture placed strategically can help your staff to work more productively and sensibly. There is no real straightforward answer as the choice is business dependent, and there are factors that come into play, such as:

Business Type

Some businesses suit cubicles, but most business suit open space office and require the right office furniture to make this happen.

Work Nature

In a business that deals with finances, cubicles, and privacy may be better, but for collaborative working and team sharing, office furniture desks, and chairs that suit the nature of the business.


Some businesses require a level of privacy that requires private spaces. However, open office businesses make provisions for this with breakout rooms and private meeting rooms instead. This keeps the desk space open for teamwork and social bonding while allowing private space.

A Growing Trend

Open plan office furniture has been growing over the years, which is why businesses like ADD office are now supplying the office furniture required to make collaborative teamwork possible. To break down social walls, companies need to break down ACTUAL barriers, and open plan office furniture is the key to doing this. 

Open plan offices liberate workers and stop people from hiding away in segregated boxes. It allows staff who are struggling to gain the help they need, and those who are shining to share in their success. For the most part, open-plan office furniture helps the office to increase productivity and decrease stress levels at work. There’s no hiding away behind cubicles and walls any longer, not when the right office furniture is purchased.

Office bench desks come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes, and they add class and style to every workplace. You can get open-plan office desks that enable productivity with in-built Bluetooth technology, and you can get Bench desks with integrated storage, too. Each of these office furniture options is designed to look fantastic while bringing together your staff at the same time.

Why Choose Open Office Furniture

Office furniture has the potential to make or break your office space, and when you choose open plan office furniture, you can give your company a wide range of benefits. Let’s take a look:

Better Communication

With open office furniture desks, such as the bench desks mentioned earlier, colleagues can work together and talk by simply turning to one another. This eliminates the need for scheduling a meeting. It’s not just for business-related conversation, either. Open plan offices allow for teams across the board to be more sociable and interact, which then reduces the cliques in the office space and allows for happier staff.

Easier Collaboration

Desks without partitions are better for open collaboration. Micro-meetings can happen with teams across the desk from one another instead of holding formal meetings all the time. Where there are no physical barriers, there are rarely team barriers. Breaking those down with open desks can help to foster better team spirit. Teams working on the same desk together allows for better collaboration and productivity, and Italian Bench Desks from ADD office are perfect for this part of the business.

Happier Atmosphere

Happy people work better, and when there are less secrecy and privacy, people work better. They’re happier to work together and break down the barriers. Desk partitions were once used to segment teams, but when you create one larger office team, you can encourage office mingling and enable the seniors to help the juniors and the juniors to rise through the business faster.


It’s a constant worry for a business, but it can be better for your office space to have some of the office furniture budget spent on open space office furniture. Open plan office furniture can actually save a business money in the long term. There are fewer utility costs, construction costs, and office equipment costs. It’s also better to have everyone together for the efficiency of the energy in the office, too. 

Space To Grow

Open office furniture tells you how many more people you can fit in the office without cramping everyone’s style. You want to accommodate as many as you need, and open plan space gives you the flexibility to add and take away extra seats and desks without having to physically break down walls to do it!

Choosing ADD office

ADD office improves the way that you work, with flexible space as a basis for your office design. You can choose office furniture included in a modern office design, which then gives you a choice to have different modes of working to suit the workforce. ADD office furniture is bringing life back into office design, meeting high standards of ergonomics every single time.