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How Are Office Furniture and Productivity Correlated?

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We’ve come a long way since the days when office furniture was little more than a standard table and chair combination.

Today, the furniture we select for our office isn’t just a functional piece of equipment, something to hold our computers and papers; they actively contribute to a company’s culture, style, and productivity.

This latter point is especially important. In an age where productivity is key, the answer to getting the most from yourself and your staff might just lie in the office furniture you have.

But how, exactly, does the furniture you have in the office affect your productivity?

We take a look at some ways below.

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Added Comfort

Humans weren’t supposed to spend the majority of their day sat on a chair, behind a desk. It’s an unnatural position for them.

So is it any wonder that people are exhausted come to the end of the day?

They’ve just been sitting there, yet their body is tired — it’s a strange thing. And it’s one that greatly affects productivity.

If you’re comfortable, you’re able to work for longer. If you have a comfortable seat, you won’t need to get up and go for a walk every thirty minutes because you’ve grown uncomfortable.

You can just carry on working.

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Healthy Habits

We work at our best when we’re feeling energised and good within ourselves. If you’re unable to get the level of exercise that you need, however, then it won’t be long before you hit a slump.

Plus, our creative juices get flowing when we’re physically active, even in a short way.

Modern office furniture includes a stand/sit desk, which allows workers to get a small dose of physical activity each day. When they’re beginning to fall into a tired slump, they can simply change the configuration of the desk, and spend some time standing up.

It’s a small switch, but one that can help nudge productivity in the right direction.

Spacious and Tidy

To work at our best, we need to have a mind that’s completely focused on the desk at hand. If our mind is cluttered with too many other things, then we’ll struggle to “enter the zone,” so to speak.

And if our desk is cluttered, then our mind will be too.

They’re all related!

It’s worthwhile taking the time to ensure you have a tidy and organised desk, one that gives you the space you need to work well.

If you find that your desk is always filled with papers, pens, and the like, then look at getting a desk with better storage space.

How It’s Laid Out

It’s not just the furniture itself that impacts productivity. How it’s positioned does too. Of course, what you’re trying to achieve will affect how your furniture should be laid out.

Some companies want to encourage collaboration, which means they need to have their desks and chairs positioned in a way that encourages chit-chat. In other companies, it’s all about giving workers the space they need to focus on their individual projects.

Most likely, your business will need a combination of the two.

So don’t just think about the items that you’re adding to your business, but where you’re putting them.

Alternative Options

Even if you’re working at a computer, it’s not just a matter of typing away and getting work done. The thinking process is what influences the quality of the work, not the actual putting down of those ideas.

As such, one big productivity booster can be to have more furniture than is actually required for employees.

The additional workspace can be reserved for hot desking.

When an employee needs to mix up their environment so that they can come at a problem from a different angle, they can move to that other space and see what creative ideas working elsewhere brings.

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Lost Days

Every business owner knows just how much productivity can be lost through employees being off work.

It’s not just the day they’re not at work that’s lost; it also takes the worker some time to get back into the swing of things when they return.

If you’ve got old, uncomfortable furniture, then you’re greatly increasing the chances of back pain among your employees, not to mention days off through injuries.

With the right desks and chairs, you’ll be ensuring correct posture, which will keep that back pain at bay.

More Light

If our furniture is too big for the room, then it could be blocking some of that all-important natural light, which, for various reasons, has a tremendous influence on productivity.

Switch to sleek, compact, low-density furniture and you’ll be making it easier for those sun rays to move around your office space.

Improving Morale

Researchers have looked into the subject of employee productivity a lot in recent years, and they’ve come up with something.

Happy workers are productive workers!

Now, there’s no one single ingredient that’ll ensure a happy team of staff.

All you can do is put the right pieces in place, one of which is having the correct furniture.

Essentially, you’re trying to make a staff member as comfortable as possible — they should have no reason to complain.

If you’re upgrading their old, battered desk and chair combination with new office furniture, then there’ll be on their way to increased happiness in the office — and thus higher productivity.

To get them more involved, have them take a look at our range of furniture, and use their selections as a basis for your new furniture.

Looking Good

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that it doesn’t matter what your surroundings look like; that it’s the work that you’re doing that matters. Yet while that’s broadly true, it’s always important to keep in mind that everything feeds into one another.

It’ll be hard to go deep into your work if you’re frustrated with everything around you. Conversely, if you’re content in your surroundings, you’ll find it easier to get down to work.

Pick your office furniture with one eye on style — of the items themselves, and how they connect with your office decor — and you’ll have an office that lends itself to working well.