Partition Storage Wall

Office Storage for Small spaces

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For smaller offices, finding the space to store everything you need can be tricky. Your employees will need enough space to comfortably work and move around, but paperwork and private documents, need to be hidden away.

Rather than upgrading to a larger office, there are a number of options for making the most of the space you have.

Partition Storage

Smart, simple and attractive, partition storage is a great way of saving space, adding storage solutions to your office and dividing up rooms. Rather than using walls or boarding to split a room into separate areas, partition storage allows you to split the room, with added functionality too.

There are a number of options, at different heights to suit your needs. You could choose filing cabinet partition storage for storing documents without taking up too much valuable space; regular full height partitions to cleanly divide the room; or modular storage for a completely bespoke solution.

Tambour Units

Tambour units have sliding doors, so you don’t need to plan in for opening space. Available in a variety of sizes, they are ideal for all offices, adding shelving space that is covered and hidden. Sizes include low cupboard size as well as full height.


Add a storage option under the desks in your office. Office pedestals allow for employees to have their own private storage space for paperwork or anything else small. With lockable options, these are secure too, so small pieces of equipment can be stored overnight if needed.

You can buy partition storage, tambour units and pedestals from ADD office to create the perfect layout, with attractive and space-efficient storage options.