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Round modern meeting room table which has a tobacco oak top and grey column base. There is a low back cream chair on one side of he table and a grey stool on the other.

Arch – Modern Meeting Room Table

Striking Italian design square, circular or rectangular modern meeting room table.

  • Matching desk and storage range available.
  • Multiple frame options including: square column base, loop frame, cross base.
  • Optional leather hide inlays available in multiple colours.
  • Glossy lacquered inlays also available.
  • Square, Circular or Rectangular tables available.
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Product Description

Introducing the Arch, Your Modern Masterpiece

Gather, collaborate, and inspire in a space that reflects your ambition – enter the Arch Modern Meeting Room Table. This isn’t just any meeting table; it’s a statement piece, a canvas for your team’s success.

The Arch Meeting Table range takes pride in offering the finest Italian design for modern meeting spaces. Indeed, its classic silhouette is thoughtfully infused with a contemporary twist, ensuring that it harmonises effortlessly with the evolving dynamics of today’s professional environments.

Modern Meeting Room Table in Various Finishes

Embrace the freedom of expression with a selection of finishes that cater to diverse tastes. Choose from a palette of sophisticated finishes, from the warmth of tobacco oak to the crispness of white lacquered oak, each one showcasing the natural beauty of the wood.

But the Arch is more than just a pretty face. This modern meeting room table is all about functionality and flexibility. For instance, you could opt for a sleek, uninterrupted surface for a minimalist aesthetic, or add a touch of personality with glossy lacquered or faux leather hide inlays. These stylish accents come in a variety of colours, allowing you to personalise your space and create a cutting-edge, two-tone look.

Different Shapes and Various Sizes

Every team is unique, and therefore, the Arch adapts to your needs. For this reason, Arch is available in a range of sizes and shapes, from spacious rectangular tables that comfortably seat large groups to intimate circular designs that foster closer collaboration.

Owning the Arch is more than just acquiring furniture; it’s an investment in your team’s success. It’s a space that sparks creativity, encourages collaboration, and leaves a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike. So, step into the future of meetings with the Arch, and watch your ideas take shape in a setting that’s as inspiring as it is functional.

More in the Arch Range

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Square:  1200w x 1200d (mm) [column case] or  1600w x 1600d (mm) [cross base]

Circular: 1200mm (diameter) [column base]

Rectangular: 2400-2760w (mm) x 1200d (mm) or 3200w x 1600d (mm) [both cross base]


Please click the image below to look at different sizes, shapes & dimensions:

A chart with diagrams showing the different shapes, sizes and dimensions in the Arch meeting table range



Oak Veneer: Black lacquered Oak, Carbon Oak, Tobacco Oak, Dark Grey Oak, Grey Oak, Natural Oak, White Lacquered Oak, Titanium Lacquered Oak, Turtledove Lacquered Oak.

Arch oak veneer finishes available

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