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The Eleva height adjustable meeting table shown in natural oak with shadow grey framework. There is a black lamp positioned on the table.

Eleva – Height Adjustable Meeting Table

  • Available in 7 Oak veneer finishes
  • Stunning Italian curved design
  • Height adjustable 640mm – 1100mm
  • Improves focus & increases energy levels of participants
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Product Description

Elevate Collaboration with the Eleva Height Adjustable Meeting Table

Imagine brainstorming sessions where ideas flow effortlessly, fuelled by dynamic movement and engaged participants. The Eleva height adjustable meeting table transforms your collaboration space, creating an active and productive environment for team interaction. With its sleek Italian design and innovative functionality, Eleva elevates meetings beyond the ordinary.

Crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as the Eleva executive desk, the meeting table boasts seven exquisite oak veneer finishes, allowing you to seamlessly match your existing office aesthetic. Choose from warm, natural tones to sophisticated blacks and whites, creating a space that reflects your brand identity and inspires creative thinking.


Increased energy, Improved focus

The true power of Eleva lies in its height adjustable functionality. Effortlessly transition between seated and standing meetings, promoting movement and engagement among participants. Studies show that standing meetings can lead to increased energy, improved focus, and better decision-making, making Eleva an investment in your team’s productivity and wellbeing.

Eleva’s electric adjustment allows you to tailor the meeting space for different activities, from brainstorming sessions to focused discussions. Imagine whiteboard presentations delivered while standing, encouraging active participation. Additionally, collaborative workshops conducted at eye level, would encourage communication and ideas.


More in the Eleva Range



Straight Rectangular Design:

2000w x 1000d x 640-1100h (mm)

2400w x 1000d x 640-1100h (mm)


Curved Rectangular Design:

2400w x 1000d x 640-1100h (mm)


Diagram of the different shapes & sizes:

Diagram of the different dimensions in the Eleva height adjustable meeting table range.




Veneer finishes: Carbon Oak, Tobacco Oak, Dark Grey Oak, Grey Oak, Natural Oak, Black Lacquered Oak, White Lacquered Oak

A look at the different oak veneer swatch colours available in this range.

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