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Hush – Acoustic Mobile Meeting Pod

Stunning alternative to a small private meeting room.

  • Independent Office Space
  • Seats 4 people.
  • Conversations cannot be heard outside.
  • 40 different interior colours to choose from.
  • Can be moved around easily with a pallet lifter.
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Product Description

The Hush acoustic mobile meeting pod is a brilliant new alternative to the office meeting space office environment.

Perfect for smaller offices that do not have separate meeting rooms, the Hush acoustic mobile meeting pod is the perfect place to host small meetings in the comfort of this enclosed space which can be moved around the office using a simple pallet lifter.

The Hush pod also works well in larger office environments and can be placed alongside regular meeting rooms for more smaller and intimate meetings.

Available in 40 different interior colours, the Hush pod can eaily be adapted as your office environment changes.



W: 2150 mm
D: 1390 mm
H: 2300 mm


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