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Silent Room XL – Large Office Meeting Pod

  • Quiet office pod for meetings, presentations & collaboration.
  • Acoustic, sound absorbing walls
  • Different internal layouts available (meeting table, soft seating etc)
  • 9 LED lights
  • 16 built in fans for airflow
  • Automatic activation of lights and ventilation
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Product Description

Taking office meeting pods to a whole new level, the Silent Room XL is a large office meeting pod of the highest quality. Allowing you to create a silent meeting space in the middle of a busy, noisy office, the Silent Room XL is perfect for meetings, presentations and collaborative working.

The internal acoustic walls have excellent sound absorption properties which help eliminate reverberation in the room allowing the users to enjoy a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

Thanks to its air ventilation and lighting solutions, this large office meeting pod offers a productivity-boosting environment. Sixteen silent but powerful fans ensure that the air flow rate is just right to provide an ultimate sense of comfort even during extended use.

The combination of the nine LED lamps creates a warm and homely atmosphere. A smart control unit is pre-set to maintain an optimal ventilation and illumination level, and, if necessary, allows for individual adjustment using rotary switches.

This XL pod is part of the amazing Silent Room range. Check out other pods in this range: Silent Room M, Silent Room L and Silent Room S.


Front & Back: 3978mm (external) 3710mm (internal)

Sides: 2425mm (external) 2291mm (internal)

Recommended height of the space for SILENT ROOM XL installation – ≥2470 mm


Various options in Melamine / Fabric / Glass.

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