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Winglet Electric Height Adjustable Desk shown with a white desktop and black box frames that hide cable management

Winglet – Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Modern and simplistic electronic sit-stand desk.

  • Height range: 650mm-13000mm.
  • Desks can be built up to include screens, panel legs, storage legs and desk returns.
  • Stylish ‘T’ frame.
  • Smooth up and down movement with electric button.
  • Optional chrome feet.
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Product Description

Break Free from the Chair: Elevate Your Workspace with the Winglet Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Imagine a workspace that adapts to your needs, enabling you to move throughout your day while boosting productivity and wellbeing. The Winglet electric height adjustable desk isn’t just furniture; it’s a transformative tool for the modern office.

Effortlessly Elevate Your Work Routine

With its sleek “T” frame and intuitive electric controls, Winglet seamlessly adapts to your needs. A simple tap of the built-in button initiates the smooth up-and-down movement, effortlessly integrating ergonomic benefits into your workday. Say goodbye to static postures and hello to a refreshed body and mind.

Customisation Meets Modern Italian Design

Winglet goes beyond being a electric height adjustable desk; it’s a canvas for your personalised workspace. Choose from a range of easily configurable elements like desk returns, screens, panel legs, and storage support legs. Tailor your space to your unique needs and style, fostering both functionality and a sense of ownership.

Not only that, you can transform your individual workspace into a collaborative hub with ease. Winglet seamlessly integrates into bench desk systems, promoting teamwork and communication. This modern Italian design offers both flexibility and sophistication, blending seamlessly into any office environment.

Invest in Your Wellbeing, Increase Your Productivity:

Studies show that electric height adjustable desks like Winglet can significantly improve your well-being, energy levels, and focus. By incorporating movement into your workday, you unlock a healthier and more productive you.

In essence, Winglet offers:

  • Effortless Height Adjustment: Seamlessly switch between sitting and standing with intuitive electric controls.
  • Unmatched Customisation: Tailor your workspace with a variety of configurable elements.
  • Modern Italian Design: Blending form and function for a sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Improved Wellbeing: Boost your energy, focus, and overall health with movement.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Create a dynamic workspace that fuels your performance.

Ready to embrace a healthier and more productive workday? Explore the Winglet electric height adjustable desk and discover the perfect solution for your workspace.


1400w x 800d x 650-1300h (mm)
1600w x 800d x 650-1300h (mm)
1800w x 800d x 650-1300h (mm)
2000w x 800d x 650-1300h (mm)

Please click the image below to view all options & dimensions:

Diagram of the different layouts and dimensions in the Winglet electric height adjustable desk range


Melamine top: White, Black, Pearl Grey, Walnut Lux, Canaletto Walnut, Natural Oak, Traditional Oak

Melamine finishes available in this range

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