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The Wiinglet sit-stand meeting table is shown at the back of the room in a standing position with stools positions behind it. The example shown is a canaletto walnut finish with a black metal frame.

Winglet – Sit-Stand Meeting Table

Smart and simplistic sit-stand meeting tables in various shapes.

  • Table shape: square, circular, rectangular, elliptical, curved edges or ray shaped.
  • Height adjustment: 620mm-1270mm.
  • Crossbar legs.
  • Chrome feet available (+£)
  • Italian design.


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Product Description

Winglet Sit-Stand Meeting Table: Elevate Your Meetings, Elevate Your Collaboration

Imagine a meeting space that inspires collaboration, energises your team, and seamlessly adapts to your needs. The Winglet sit-stand meeting table, crafted with Italian design flair, is more than just furniture; it’s a transformative tool for the modern office.

Elevate Every Interaction with Height-Adjustable Functionality

Empower movement and engagement during your meetings with the effortless height-adjustment mechanism of the Winglet. This innovative table seamlessly transitions between sitting and standing positions with a simple tap of the easily accessible electronic button.

Formal or informal, large or small, the Winglet adapts to your needs. Choose from a variety of shapes, including rectangular, curved rectangular, and elliptical, to create the perfect meeting space for any occasion.


Striking Design Meets Unwavering Stability

Balance style and functionality with the Winglet’s signature “crossbar” legs. These beautiful legs offer unwavering stability, ensuring your meetings stay focused and productive.

Personalise your meeting space with a choice of seven elegant melamine finishes, including classic black, white, and grey. Additionally, three distinct frame finishes (black, white, and chrome) allow you to add a touch of personality that complements your office design.

From small square tables ideal for brainstorming sessions, to expansive rectangular tables perfect for larger gatherings, the Winglet offers a range of sizes to suit any meeting space. Table widths and depths start from a compact 700mm, while lengths range from 2000mm to 2400mm, providing ample room for collaboration.


Benefits of a Sit-Stand Meeting Table

The table height adjusts effortlessly from 620mm to 1270mm, allowing you to switch between sitting and standing meetings throughout the day.

Studies show that sit-stand meetings can lead to increased energy, improved focus, and better decision-making. With the Winglet sit-stand meeting table, you can experience these benefits firsthand while fostering a dynamic and engaging meeting environment.

Transform your meeting space and empower your team with the Winglet sit-stand meeting table. Explore the various sizes, finishes, and shapes to discover the perfect fit for your office today!



700mm (diameter)

800mm (diameter)
1000mm (diameter)

2000w x 1000d x 620-1270h (mm)
2200w x 1000d x 620-1270h (mm)
2400w x 1000d x 620-1270h (mm)

Ray Shape:
2200w x 1200 (mm) (widest point) / 1000d (narrowest point) x 620-1270h (mm)

Curved Rectangle Shape:
2400w x 1200d x 620-1270h (mm)

Elliptical Shape:
2000w x 1040d x 620-1270h (mm)


Melamine top: White, Black, Pearl Grey, Walnut Lux, Canaletto Walnut, Natural Oak, Traditional Oak

Melamine finishes available in this range

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