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Storage in Offices – Furniture for Storage Guide in 2019

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Is your office looking a little cluttered, messy or disorganised? Then it could be time for a clear out! 

Having a neat, organised office space is important. Not only does it help to keep things looking tidy, but it is good for organising your business too.

It’s easy to lose important documents and letters amongst the clutter, but having the right storage solutions can help you take charge and get organised once and for all. 

With so many options for office furniture for storage, you’re going to need help pinning down the best options for you. Take a look at this furniture for storage guide to help you choose exactly what you need for your office.

Why buy office furniture for storage?

There are many reasons to buy office storage furniture, both for aesthetic and for organisational purposes. Storage furniture helps keeps desks clutter-free, prevents data loss and most importantly, keeps things secure.

When you’re dealing with valuable equipment or employees’ personal belongings, you can’t take chances with security. Having storage solutions that are lockable is important for your business, and will mean both you and your employees have peace of mind that all items and equipment are kept secure.

From a design point of view, office storage furniture can bring sophistication and colour to your office, helping to transform your space and make it look more professional and inviting.

Choose modern, stylish pieces that complement the rest of your office decor and give it a polished feel. You’ll be surprised at the difference some additional units can make!

Desk storage furniture

The first place to start with office furniture is with your desks. Having desk storage can make it easier for employees to keep their personal area clean and neat, and allows everything to be put away when not needed.

From desks with built-in storage to those under-desk storage units, there are different options available to you depending on your needs.

The Prisma desk is a fantastic individual desk option with built-in storage in a sleek design, ideal for single offices or large office spaces.

For offices that feature multiple desks, then the Note is an ideal desk style that provides subtle but spacious storage for all.

Operating a ‘clear desk’ policy is an effective way to keep workspaces clean and clear. By providing employees with enough storage, there’s no excuse to have messy, cluttered desks.

Having a clear desk policy makes it easier to keep your office space clean and hygienic, which can stop the spread of colds and viruses during the dreaded winter months.

Embracing the hot-desk culture

Hot-desking is an increasingly popular office trend, especially in the creative industries.

Hot-desking means that there are no assigned or fixed desks for employees, giving them the freedom to move around and sit in different areas, while also getting the chance to work with colleagues from across the organisation.

It’s a practice which not only helps employees to work collaboratively, but it can also help create a more sociable company, where colleagues work closer together.

To enable hot-desking in your workplace, you’re going to need the right layout and furniture to make it possible.

Making sure you have plenty of desks is a good place to start, but you’ll also need to think about providing storage solutions for your employees.

Storage lockers are a popular option that allows employees to put their things away safely at the end of each day, while lockable partition storage can also help to divide up your office space and play around with different layouts.

With the right furniture and buy-in from your employees, hot-desking could transform your business.

Improving organisation and data protection

Data protection is a growing concern for businesses. Businesses who fail to manage data protection effectively run the risk of huge fines as a result of GDPR, as well as suffering reputational and other financial implications for your business.

It’s not a risk worth taking, and if your company isn’t already stringent in its data protection practices, then you need to re-evaluate.

Making sure your business has secure, lockable storage solutions is important. If you can’t embrace a paper-free office, then your paperwork needs to be stored away securely, with a filing system that can help it be found easily.

You can choose modern filing cabinet styles like the Metro, or choose a classic option like the Daily

Keeping your paperwork and customer data safely secured should be a priority business, as well as learning better ways of managing your data.

A regular review and safe destruction of your paperwork can help keep your business on top of things and keeps those data protection risks to a minimum.

Use storage furniture to enhance breakout spaces

Office furniture for storage doesn’t just have to be functional – it can form an important part of your decor too. Think about how you can use storage furniture to enhance breakout spaces to make them more inviting to your employees.

Office bookcases are a great example of how furniture can be fun as well as practical, especially if you fill them with interesting books and magazines.

Breakout areas should have a different look and feel to the rest of your office. By adding storage units and other elements that create a more relaxed atmosphere, you can provide your employees with somewhere where they can catch their breath, or catch up with their colleagues. 

Investing in high-quality, professional office storage is a must for any business. A neat, clutter-free office is welcoming, and helps people to take your business more seriously.

With the right storage solutions, you can help minimise the risk of lost paperwork or even theft, while also making your office a more productive place to work.

Whatever your office needs, ADD office can help. Let us help you find the right storage solutions for your business by contacting us today.

We’ll be glad to give you a quote for office furniture for storage and help you transform your office space.