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Do You Give Your Staff A Good Breakout Zone?

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Breakout zones are increasingly popular in the modern day office. What started as an idea to use dead space to put some funky seating and beanbags for decoration is now becoming an essential element for the modern office. Breakout areas are now used more and more as an informal relaxation area, but are also fantastic to use for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions when all of the traditional meeting rooms are full.

Breakout zones are also useful if you work in a noisy office and need to get away for a while to work in a quiet place where you can concentrate. Many company’s now have hot desks or laptop stations set up, enabling people to set up their laptop quickly and easily with minimum fuss. It’s a very informal way to work if you really need a break away from your desk, as the old saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest’.

If you are thinking of creating or improving upon a breakout area for your staff, it may be worth knowing what really works well in breakout zones or relaxation areas in the office:

1) Soft Seating: The essential element for a chilled and relaxing atmosphere. A good mixture of sofas, stools and funky chairs look great and offers a nice selection of seating to choose from to suit all tastes.
2) Breakout tables or coffee tables: These are great little tables for keeping books, magazines, drinks and perhaps some brochures and propaganda about your company.
3) Café tables and café chairs: ideal for having a deserved break from the desk, allowing a great opportunity for people to eat lunch and socialise.
4) High tables: Incredibly useful tables allowing people to work in an informal manner away from their desk.

If you would like ADD office to help in the planning and designing of a breakout area for your company, please give us a call on 0208 241 6363 for advice and ideas.