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Height Adjustable and Sit-stand Desks

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Medical research has shown that constantly sitting at our desk all day is likely a factor in causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes.

It may soon be European standard and therefore national law to offer workers using workstations and desks the option to sit or stand in their working day – making justable desks (or sit-stand desks) potentially vital to the new office environment.

It is important to stay ahead of what works well in the modern day working environment, and with technologies expanding at a faster rate than ever before, the option of changing your workstation or desk from a sitting to a standing position is being tried and tested with fantastic results in companies up and down the country. These tests give early indication that giving workers the option to sit or stand or indeed alternate between sitting and standing makes for a happier and more productive workplace.

ADD office offers a fantastic range of both sit-stand and height adjustable desks, some desks use a lever to enable the desk height to change, whilst others use the simple touch of a button. Our range of desks comes in many different finishes to match with your office environment with basic value for money options available along with high end designs.
Please take a look through our height adjustable and sit-stand workstations for yourself and feel free give us a call if you need any help or advice about the products, we will be happy to talk you through them.