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Choosing the Best Style of Desk for Your Office

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When it comes to creating the right office environment to best suit your company, finding the right office furniture can sometimes prove tricky. Perhaps the most difficult part to get right is what kind of desks to buy and trying to find the balance between style and practicality.

The Executive City Office:
Executive desks are typically individual with a more elevated look to give a sense of professionalism to your company. Glass executive desks are very popular as they are modern and stylish and always stand out – creating a fantastic lasting impression. Veneered wood finishes such as walnut and wenge are also often favoured for a more traditional feel but with a contemporary design with many opting for desk return for both functionality and grand appearance

The Call Centre or Busy Office:
Bench desks or cluster desks are a very practical way of seating lots of people in busy office environments. Bench desks offer leg sharing systems which is fantastic at saving space and allows extra leg room. Desk clusters typically seat a number of people around single desks whether crescents, waves or rectangular usually divided by screens.

The Small Office:
Individual office desks are usually the best option for small offices with fewer people. This allows a larger working area for each individual and generally makes a smaller office look smarter and less cluttered. Individual office desks are available in a huge range of sizes, finishes and shapes including standard rectangular desks, crescent shaped desks or wave desks which easily cater for any office types whether modern or traditional.

The Statement Italian Design Office:
Italian designed desks are for high end offices which truly stand out with cutting edge design, creating a fantastic, lasting and professional impression to visitors and clients. Whether you are looking for Italian executive desks, operational desks or even bench and desk clusters to create the perfect contemporary office layout then take a look through the range – it even boasts matching storage and boardroom and meeting tables for a top of the range statement office.

Other desks which are very quickly increasing in popularity are sit-stand desks. Having the option to work at your desk in a standing or sitting position with the touch of a button or pull of a lever is now hugely favourable. Sit-stand and height adjustable desks are suitable for any office type and are available in a number of beautiful finishes to best suit your office surroundings.