Does Your Reception Reflect Your Company’s Standing?

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A welcoming reception area is perhaps the most crucial part of your office environment to get right. It is the first port of call for visitors and clients, and so it’s very important to make a good first impression and reflect well on your company’s brand.

It is therefore a good idea browse through the various types of reception desk that are available and decide first of all what sort of size and shape you are looking for and secondly which finish, style and colour would best suit your office environment.

Large reception desks are usually rectangular and would typically sit between 2 – 4 people, these are often purchased with optional built in storage. Circular reception desks are usually more compact and would normally sit one receptionist, these are ideal for smaller offices.
There are many other styles of reception desk including wave reception desks and modular reception desks which enable you to create the right layout for your reception area. All of the reception counters that ADD office offer are modern and stylish with many of them being of Italian design.

Reception seating can come in many forms, soft seating including reception sofas and reception armchairs are ideal for business and corporate reception areas whereas stools and cubes are perhaps better for the more informal reception area. Other reception areas such as doctors surgeries will always require waiting chairs for large amounts of people to sit.

When planning your reception area it’s important to think about how it reflects on your company. What are you offering awaiting clients and customers? Perhaps you could think about laying out some topical magazines on some beautiful coffee tables? How about some stylish artwork on the walls?
It’s also important to keep the reception looking neat and tidy and so having plenty of storage to hide away papers, accessories and any other forms of clutter.

Whether we realise it or not, we all take first impressions into account when making decisions – especially when it comes to potential new business opportunities. Don’t let your reception bring your business down; let it show your company’s efficiency with a welcoming and vibrant environment.

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