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Meta office sideboard in a white finish with copper handles and frame. This layout consists of 5 cupboard doors

Meta – Stylish Office Sideboard

Available as a standalone unit or as a desk return!

  • Part of the stunning Italian Meta range.
  • Beautiful attention to detail with copper or shadow grey accents.
  • Available as a standalone unit or as part of a desk return.
  • 7 Oak veneer finishes available.
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Product Description

Introducing the Meta Office Sideboard: Chic Storage Meets Modern Design

Ever craved a storage solution that seamlessly blends elegant form with exceptional functionality? Look no further than the Meta office sideboard, the newest member of the ultra-stylish Meta range. This beautifully crafted piece takes office organisation to a whole new level, offering a harmonious blend of sleek aesthetics and practical storage for the modern workspace.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Meta sideboard boasts a clean, minimalist profile accentuated by sleek, integrated handles that practically disappear into the smooth wood veneer.

Different Finishes for Different Tastes

Choose from seven stunning oak finishes, ranging from the timeless warmth of natural oak to the sophisticated sleekness of black, white, and grey. But the customisation doesn’t stop there! Four stunning lacquered matt finishes – black, white, dark grey, and the ever-popular turtledove – are available for the cupboard doors, allowing you to inject a pop of personality or create a cohesive flow with your existing office furniture.

Practical and Perfect in Every Way!

More than just a pretty face, the Meta sideboard packs a punch in the practicality department. Its spacious interior offers ample storage for all your office essentials, from binders and files to printers and tech equipment. Adjustable shelves and compartments let you tailor the space to your specific needs, ensuring everything stays organised and easily accessible.

And for those who love a seamless workspace aesthetic, the Meta sideboard truly shines. It integrates flawlessly with any Meta desk, creating a visually unified desk return and extending your functional workspace without sacrificing an inch of style.

So, whether you’re a meticulous organiser or simply appreciate the finer things in life, the Meta office sideboard is an invitation to elevate your workspace with timeless design and uncompromising functionality.

More in the Meta Range

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Stand-alone units:

1752w x 562d x 740h (mm)
2169w x 562d x 740h (mm)

Please click the image below to view different configurations & dimensions:

Diagram showing the different configurations and dimensions in the Meta office sideboard range


Veneer finishes: Carbon Oak, Tobacco Oak, Dark Grey Oak, Grey Oak, Natural Oak, Black Lacquered Oak, White Lacquered Oak

Swatch showing the different veneer finishes available in the Meta executive range.


Metal Frame & Accent Finishes: Shadow Grey, Pink Copper

Swatches of the Shadow Grey and Copper metal finishes available in the Meta executive range


Lacquered Matt Finishes: Black, Dark Grey, White, Turtledove

Swatches of the lacquer finishes in the Meta range

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