Ergonomic Task Chair

Types of Office Chairs

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When furnishing your office, it is important to choose the right sort of chair in terms of ergonomics, style and comfort. We offer a variety of different styles of office chairs, so here we will go into the details about the different types, to help you when choosing the right one.

Breakout seats and stools
Breakout areas should be comfortable and set up for communication. Breakout seating doesn’t need to be designed in a way that offers as much back support as a desk chair, however it should offer comfort. These seats are generally well padded and easy to adjust, so employees can move them to face eachother. They are often centred around a table or a worktop, so the height should accomodate this. Breakout stools are often high, to allow them to be set up around work tops, bar-style spaces or in kitchens.

Cafe & Canteen Chairs
Cafe and canteen chairs need to be easy to clean, as they can quite easily be covered in dropped food! These generally don’t need padding as they are only used for short amounts of time, but they do need to be light and easy to move as well as space efficient.

Desk Chairs
There are a variety of styles of office chairs available. Generally, for office workers, an ergonomic office chair is likely to be the best option in terms of comfort. For those on a budget, there is task office seating, in a variety of shapes, colours and styles. Attractive management chairs look great in management offices and really add to the appearance of the room.

Booth Seating
For an alternative to a meeting room, seating booths close off a space from the rest of the room.

Visitor and Reception Seating
Reception and visitor chairs come in a variety of styles. They offer varying levels of padding, but they all offer style and look great, giving those who visit your business a great first impression.