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What is boardroom style seating?

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As you can see from our office seating selection, there are many different types of office chairs including breakout seating, canteen seating, ergonomic chairs, task office seating, booths and reception chairs as well as boardroom seats. But what is it that makes boardroom style seating different to other types?

The idea of meeting or boardroom seating is to make it as easy as possible to have an effective meeting, with all parties having an input. Therefore, no one seat should seem more extravagant than another. If five of the team are sitting on plastic chairs, and one on a golden throne, instantly there is a hierarchy, and when there is a hierarchy it is less likely that everyone involved will believe they can have an equal input. Boardroom chairs should all look the same in style and shape.

Whilst this style of seating doesn’t need to offer the comfort offered by ergonomic office chairs, it needs to offer enough comfort to suit the purpose. We may not sit on boardroom chairs all day, every day, but we do sit on them for hours at a time. Comfort is important for both concentration and engagement.

As well as the element of comfort and uniformity, meeting rooms are often where deals are made, and visitors get an in-depth view of the company. It is therefore important that boardroom style seating should look good and in most cases employ stylish shapes and colours.

Boardroom chairs offer several styles of base that work well in the boardroom. A castor base (wheels) offer mobility and are best suited to boardrooms that require a lot of movement. Glide base boardroom chairs are very smart and work in a similar way to a castor base, but are more practical for hard floors as they will not roll around all over the place. Cantilever base boardroom seating is a different style altogether and is a particularly popular choice when there isn’t the need for a great deal of movement in the boardroom.

Here at ADD office we have a wide selection of boardroom and meeting seating in a variety of colours and styles as well as other boardroom furniture.