Horizon Modular Soft Seating Layout

What is modular furniture?

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The world of office furniture includes language you may not have heard anywhere else. Subject-specific words pop up all over the place and one of the common types of furniture – modular office furniture is a great example of this.

This type of furniture is very popular in offices, available in a variety of styles and shapes but what is modular furniture?

Modular furniture is furniture that is pre-made but can be combined in different ways to suit the space and chosen layout. So, rather than using fitted furniture to furnish an office, modular office furniture allows you to choose the modules to create your perfect layout.

Modular seating works well in reception areas, as soft seating lends itself to the style. We offer a variety of soft modular reception seating which can be laid out to suit the space you have. Generally, regular office desk chairs don’t come in a modular style, as this isn’t needed or practical.

As well as being customisable, modular office furniture can save space and modular storage is a great way to offer storage solutions without using up too much of the room. This can come in a variety of forms including filing units or storage cupboards.

Modular bench desks work well when you have a high number of employees working in one room, allowing you to create a layout and add or remove modules as required. These look great in most offices, but perhaps the most visually attractive piece of modular office furniture is the conference table. These allow you to create square, circle or semi-circle shapes to suit the space and needs of your employees.

Office space planning can be tricky, but modular furniture allows you to constantly change the layout of your seating, desks, storage and tables to suit the room, your business’ needs and your employees.