What Office Chair Should I Buy?

Table of Contents

When choosing new office chairs it is important to think about various factors before rushing in and buying the cheapest chairs available.

  1. I need a chair that will be comfortable for long periods of time.
    If the chair is being used for 7+ hours a day, 5 days a week then a standard cheap office chair will not do. An operators task chair is the best type of chair to use in a working environment, in particular one that offers various functions such as height adjustability, tension control and castors for easy mobility.
  2. What chairs would best suit a meeting room or boardroom?
    Chairs best suited for the boardroom or meeting room are usually a little more expensive than a standard office task chair as they are a lot more stylish. Cantilever frames or a glide base are popular options for boardroom chairs as they look a little more professional; although several companies still choose to have a castor base for easy mobility.
  3. What office chair should I get for someone with back problems?
    Ergonomic office chairs are vital for people who suffer from back problems, they are designed to help support your back in various ways including providing fantastic functions for lumbar support, tilt and tension settings.
  4. I need chairs that are ideal for a waiting room or reception.
    ADD office sell the perfect seating for all types of ‘waiting’ area, including a fantastic range of visitors seating which are ideal for doctors surgeries and dental practices or anything similar.
    For office reception areas or hairdressers reception areas you may find that soft reception seating is the best and most professional solution to give a good first impression to visiting clients and customers.
  5. I want my chair to make me look authoritive.
    Then the best chair for you is an executive or managers chair, these usually come with a high back and sometimes an optional headrest and are usually purchased in a leather or mesh finish although fabric is also available.

ADD office offer more choice for other areas of the office, including cafeteria and canteen chairs which are perfect both for cafes on the high street or in-office eating areas.

Breakout seating and breakout stools are perfect for casual working zones such as breakout areas, they offer a funky and informal solution for hot desking, casual meetings, relaxation and coffee breaks.

Functionable education seating is available for colleges, universities and schools along with booths – which are ideal for the education sector as they are perfect for studying.

If you are planning an office layout and are stuck on the type of seating that you think you will need, then please give our team a call who will be happy to assist you with your plans and advise you on the perfect chairs to suit each area of your office design.