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4 Small Work Office Design Ideas

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Just because you only have a small office, doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. This applies whether you are currently working from home, have a flexible working arrangement or rent a small office space. Here we look at some innovative small office ideas, to help you create the ideal workspace whatever its size.

1. Create a workspace within another room

Whether you set up your workspace in your living room, your dining room or your guest bedroom, there are definitely times when your workspace has to fit in with your home décor, and not the other way around.

When this is the case, section off a corner of the room to give yourself a dedicated workspace. Small office ideas that work well can include mixing up your storage and making it suit the rest of the space – for example, including shelves that can hold ornaments as well as files – and choosing pieces of office furniture which are on the more stylish side. Take the Odell desk for example: not only does it look good, you can also use the built in storage to jazz it up and keep your work area in order.

2. Innovate with office furniture

Sometimes, when it comes to tiny office ideas, we have to carve out a space to make it work. This could be ideas as innovative as a fold down desk in a hallway, or a work table that slides out from underneath the dining table.

If you are making use of flexible furniture, make sure you don’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of a dedicated workspace. Remember to choose an ergonomic chair, as this will be important for your back and neck health and general comfort.

Yellow Ergonomic Task Chair

3. Think space-saving

When it comes to small work office design ideas for a rented space, don’t think that just because the area is small, you can’t think big. Height adjustable-sit stand desks are very popular at the moment, and can help you with confidence for that all important pitch process, which in turn can help the business grow.

You could opt for space saving desks to make the most of the space, but still allow a small team to work comfortably together. Pedestal storage is also a great idea. Fitting neatly under desks, it allows any clutter to be tucked away out of view. Some pedestals also double up as stools (for example, the C-box pedestal) with built-in cushions on top, ideal for those times when you need those last minute extra seats.

4. Create a colourful space

No one said that tiny office ideas have to be boring! If your work environment is naturally on the bright side, or you are motivated by richer hues, why not embellish your small work area with a splash of colour?

This could be as simple as adding some brightly coloured prints to the walls accessorising with vibrant pieces such as desk lamps, or adding a funky screen to properly divide and zone the space.

We love the idea of these Asteroid breakout chairs; whilst you may not have enough room for a huge breakout space, just having one chair on which to recline, take a break or fuel the creative juices can make a considerable difference.

Small office ideas

Small office ideas from ADD office

When it comes to office style, no space is too small. As nationwide suppliers of premium quality office furniture, ADD office is on hand to offer practical and exciting ideas for making small offices spaces work harder. Get in touch with our expert team for more advice on how to furnish your small office space.