Activity based working

4 Office Furniture Ideas to Support Activity Based Working

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As the way we work changes, so the workplace changes too. Many companies are moving towards activity based working, because it is known to increase motivation and enhance employee wellbeing, as well as maximise space within the office. It’s all about creating different spaces to tackle different types of work, boosting productivity in the process.

If you think activity based working could work well for your team, here’s how to choose office furniture to support it.

1. Office furniture for flexibility

A desire for flexibility has driven much of the move towards activity based working. Different from hotdesking, activity based working allows for different settings within the office for different tasks.

With many of us able to work from home nowadays, we have come to realise that we can do many tasks at any time, anywhere. Having a degree of flexibility over where and how we work can really aid productivity and enthusiasm in the office.

Make sure your team knows that they have this option in the office. Private zones for quiet work and concentration form a core part of the modern office, as do home-from-home areas sporting the likes of comfy sofas. You can also combine both aspects with a high back breakout range.

2. Office furniture for collaboration

Something that staff missed when working from home was being able to get their heads together and collaborate. It’s important therefore that your office layout ideas don’t keep team members separate.

When choosing office furniture for collaboration as part of activity based working, as well as the traditional breakout furniture, think about pieces that can be moved around as required. This is particularly useful in small office spaces where your breakout furniture might be used for more than one type of activity. Modular furniture is a good shout for spaces where you may need to move and reconfigure the space regularly. Breakout tables work well too, and why not go one step further and add some height adjustable breakout tables into the mix to allow your team true flexibility when meeting with their colleagues?

3. Office furniture for comfort

Ensuring comfort in the office is vital for morale. It supports activity based working too. But there is more to comfort than simply providing your team with ergonomic desk chairs.

The traditional idea that work can only be done whilst sat at a desk is long gone. Some people simply work better when kicking back on a comfy chair with a laptop. Similarly, many ideas flow better when people are allowed to work in a less formal setting. There are a range of chairs available in this vain, from relaxing lounge chairs to executive chairs with footstalls.

Activity based working

4. Office furniture for maximum space

It’s not just your team that can benefit from activity based working; your company as a whole can draw advantage too. Not only does this type of working boost productivity, it can also maximise your workspace. A bonus if your office space is on the tight side!

Office layout ideas that maximise space include shared desks and tables, plus breakout zones that can also be used for meetings. Combine all this with a flexible approach to homeworking, and you may find that as your team grows, you won’t have to invest in a move to larger premises.

Office furniture for activity based working from ADD office

Here at ADD office we’re no stranger to the idea of activity based working and fully recognise its benefits.

If you want to switch things up in your office, why not contact our expert team? We can offer tailored advice to suit both the needs of your workforce and your office space, helping you gear up for activity based working.